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How to safely dispose of paint and paint cans

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  How to safely dispose of paint and paint cans

Chemicals – Paint and paint cans

Paint and paint cans

Safely dispose leftover paint and paint cans for free at a household hazardous waste drop-off location:

Special instructions

  • Liquid paint must be sealed in the original can or another spill-proof container with the contents clearly labelled.
  • We accept all paint cans including dried out paint and empty cans.
  • We accept up to 20 litres of household chemicals per week.
  • Never flush chemicals down your toilet, sink or drain as they harm the environment and may damage the pipes in your home.

If you are a commercial painting business, see our Commercial Paint page to learn how to safely dispose of your leftover volumes of commercial paint.

Household Hazardous Waste drop-off locations:

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Author: City of Calgary
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