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How to recycle compostable paper takeout containers

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  How to recycle compostable paper takeout containers

Compostable takeout food containers and cups - paper

Compostable takeout food containers

Recycle clean, compostable paper takeout food and compostable paper cups:

  • In your blue cart
  • At a community recycling depot

Special instructions

  • Put all food scraps into the green cart for composting.
  • Put all plastic cutlery in the black cart as garbage.
  • Some grease on the container is ok.

Why can't this be composted?

Though marked "compostable," paper containers don't break down quickly enough for our composting process.

If you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse or other multi-family complex, check with your compost collection company to see if they accept compostable paper containers.

Community recycling depot locations listed below:

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Author: City of Calgary
Description: Residential recycling and disposal search tool