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Victoria Park demolitions

The land of the former Grandell office building, Tony’s Auto and Harvard Manor along 11 Avenue S.E. in early July 2024.

Work was completed between late March and the end of June to demolish three buildings in Victoria Park along 11 Avenue between 5 Street and 6 Street S.E. This project marks a significant milestone for Green Line, as it prepares the site for construction of the 4 Street S.E. Station.

Land acquisition and site preparation are just some of the many challenging elements that large-scale infrastructure projects can face, and they are often a significant cause of schedule delay as contractors wait to begin their work.

Green Line has been committed to advancing several early works projects across the alignment to reduce schedule and overall project risk. All known land requirements have been acquired and by demolishing these buildings now, we are one step closer to beginning main construction of Phase 1.

The land where the three buildings used to exist was used for parking for the 2024 Calgary Stampede and will be used for material laydown ahead of station construction at a future date.

Map of Victoria Park demolitions in relation to 4 Street S.E. Station.

Start Date: March 2024
Completed Date: June 2024

Construction partner

PDI Priestly Demolition Inc. and Dakota Reclamtors Ltd. Logo

Demolition details

Prior to demolition crews arriving on site in early April, utilities were disconnected (gas, electricity, and water) and then there was about two to three weeks of hazardous material abatement.

The process of hazardous material abatement involved some initial investigative steps like cutting into the roofs and walls of the buildings to find out if there are any hazardous materials that might need special plans for removal. Common examples include window caulking and drywall mud containing asbestos, thermostats containing mercury, and fluorescent light ballasts containing polychlorinated biphenyl.

With abatement out of the way, structural demolition of the buildings began in May and took around six weeks, with all work completed by the end of June. Material was also sorted on site to reduce the amount of waste that went to the landfill.

After the buildings came down and all material had been removed off site, additional soil testing was conducted to assess the ground conditions. Since one of the buildings was a former auto shop, there could be contaminants that have seeped into the soil over the years.

Once results come from the soil testing come back, and exact plans for where the station box will be constructed are confirmed, remediation efforts may be required once station construction begins.

Victoria Park demolition photos

Gravel area where the previous buildings stood, with the Calgary downtown skyline in the background.
The completed project site area, looking west along 11 Avenue towards 5 Street S.E.
Gravel area where the previous buildings stood, looking east with the road to the left and buildings in the background.
The completed project site area, looking east along 11 Avenue towards 6 Street S.E.
View of the Harvard Manor building from across the street, with construction fencing and Green Line singage.
The former Harvard Manor building in May before it was demolished.
View of the Grandell office building from across the street, with construction fencing and construction signage.
The former Grandell office building in May before it was demolished.
View of Tony's Auto building from the sidewalk.
The former Tony’s Auto building in April before it was demolished.