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Utility relocation construction in Victoria Park.

General philosophy

Ensuring public safety in areas impacted by Green Line construction is a major responsibility. Our goal is to minimize the impact on the public and maintain their ability to get around the city while ensuring their safety.

Specific ways we are addressing safety 

There are several steps we are taking to protect the public during construction:

  • Green Line and its contractors are working with City Mobility to ensure all traffic alterations and impacts are approved and designed appropriately and are as accessible as possible for all citizens.
  • Contractors are ensuring they install fencing to separate and protect the public from construction sites.
  • When appropriate, Green Line communicates with the public and impacted businesses when major road or sidewalk closures are upcoming to ensure the public can plan to take alternate routes.
  • Contractors are ensuring construction signage is clear to maintain pedestrian wayfinding.
  • Each construction site will have checklists that anyone working on the project can use to help identify issues immediately so corrective actions can be taken.

Numbers at a glance

Leading indicators Year to Date
Toolbox meetings 299
Orientations 121
Inspections/observations 49
Hazardous conditions identified 99
Corrective actions completed 99
Field level hazard assessments 1,140

How we learn as we move forward

Safety is constantly changing on any major infrastructure project, with different scopes of work happening at different times and presenting different challenges depending on the environment. 

Green Line has a robust safety record to date and a comprehensive process for what we refer to as “lessons learned.” These lessons typically come from what we refer to as “near misses,” where an incident did not occur, but it could have. By learning what happened and investigating the circumstances around the near miss, we can share the details with all relevant project personnel so everyone can learn going forward.

We have had a great response to this initiative and believe it improves our safety culture as we move further along in this project.

Safety in the community

Green Line is actively working with communities where work is taking place to ensure safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. A recent example of this is in Ogden, where the Green Line team recognized an opportunity to involve the children living and going to school near the site in our safety messaging.

To achieve this, members of the Community Relations and Safety team visited Ogden elementary schools to host safety assemblies and organized a poster contest to promote construction safety and encourage safe practices around construction zones.

It is vital for everyone to prioritize safety around construction sites, and the Green Line team will continue taking on opportunities where we can involve the community and make our sites safer.

Safety drawing from a student in Ogden.

Elementary school safety drawings