Construction is underway as we make way for the Green Line.

2023 Construction at a glance


In the downtown core, the Green Line tunnel and stations will be under 2 Street S.W. Extensive work will be done to move underground utilities (Telus, ENMAX, etc.) away from 2 Street S.W. and into adjacent streets and avenues.


In the Beltline, the Green Line tunnel and stations will be under 11 Avenue S. Utilities are being relocated away from 11 Avenue S. and into adjacent streets, avenues and alleyways. 

What will be built in Phase 1?

The first phase of the Green Line LRT project is the largest LRT project to be constructed in our city’s history.

An important addition to the transit network in Calgary, Phase 1 will connect southeast Calgary to the downtown and into the existing LRT and MAX BRT routes while building:

  • 13 stations
  • 18 km of LRT track
  • 3 park and ride facilities at Shepard, Douglas Glen and Lynnwood/Millican stations
  • 1 km of elevated track between 26 Avenue S.E. station and Ramsay/Inglewood station
  • 3 km of tunnel under Beltline and Downtown
  • 4 LRT bridge structures that span across the Elbow River, Bow River, Deerfoot Trail and Blackfoot Trail
  • 1 LRV maintenance and storage facility

Early works construction

North Central Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Green Line has committed $50 million to improve Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along the Centre Street MAX Corridor.

These improvements will enhance transit amenities and connections in Calgary’s north central communities and support the future transition from BRT to LRT along the corridor. The corridor currently runs from Downtown along Centre Street up to Harvest Hills Boulevard N.E., and continues through to 160 Avenue N.E.

The first of the recommended short-term improvement projects was completed in 2022 with upgrades to the North Pointe Park and Ride Lot to enhance safety and accessibility.

Construction will continue starting in the summer of 2023 through 2024, with project areas located between 28 Avenue N.W. to Country Hills Boulevard N.E.

These improvements will:

  • Provide shorter transit travel times
  • Enhance comfort and convenience
  • Improve walking and wheeling amenities
  • Improve accessibility
  • Increase reliability

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