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Featured construction project

Beltline and Downtown Utility Relocation Project


  • On 11 Avenue S.E. between 6 Street S.E. and 2 Street S.W.
  • On 2 Street S.W. between 7 Avenue S.W. and Riverfront Avenue S.W. (Eau Claire)


  • Construction – January 2022 to 2024


The Beltline and Downtown Utility Relocation project is an advanced works project. It will make way for construction of the Green Line tunnel and stations from the Elbow River to 16 Avenue N.

Work will be prioritized in Beltline east and Downtown with more relocations happening along Centre Street N. later. Utility relocations north of Eau Claire are not confirmed.

This work will move shallow and deep embedded utilities in the area including:

  • City sanitary, water and storm water utilities
  • Third-party electricity, gas, phone, cable and fibre optic, internet and other services

Construction with the highest impacts will happen starting in January 2022 through to December 2023.


Project scope and estimated timelines

Beltline East (Rivers District)

  • Relocate existing deep utility infrastructure (storm and sanitary trunk and water feeder main) from 11 Avenue S.E. and 6 Street S.E. into Olympic Way and 12 Avenue S.E.
  • Replace and upgrade select deep and shallow utility infrastructure in 5 Street S.E. and 6 Street S.E.
  • Relocate/realign existing third-party shallow utilities along 12 Avenue S.E. to facilitate the relocation of major deep utilities into 12 Avenue S.E.


Beltline West

Estimated timeline: Spring 2022 through Fall 2023

  • Relocate/realign existing third party shallow utilities from 11 Avenue S.E. into adjacent streets, avenues and alleyways. This will allow for the construction of the Centre Street underground station.
  • Installing manholes on roadways adjacent to Centre Street Station to allow for its construction.
  • Modifying some building’s third-party utility servicing so the new infrastructure can be connected to buildings on 11 Avenue S.E.



Estimated timeline: Spring 2022 through Spring 2024

  • Relocate/realign existing third-party shallow utilities from 2 Street S.W. into adjacent roadways
  • Modify some building’s third-party utility servicing so the new infrastructure can be connected to buildings on 2 Street S.W.
  • Deep utility construction in roadways adjacent to 2 Street S.W. This is required to allow future Green Line construction along the 2 Street S.W. corridor between 7 Avenue S.W. and the Bow River.


Geotechnical drilling in Downtown Calgary to analyze underground conditions before construction begins.

Deep utility relocation and construction on 17 Avenue S.W. 

Underneath the streets of downtown Calgary are all kinds of utility lines, such as water, natural gas, and electricity.  Before we can build the Green Line tunnel under the Beltline and Downtown, we need to relocate existing underground utilities.

Community and business support

In advance of construction, Green Line’s community and business relations team is working to connect with businesses and residents in these impacted areas. There are a few ways you can stay connected:

  • If your business is in this area, register with the Green Line Business Registry so we can better understand how you may be impacted by construction
  • Sign-up and stay connected: subscribe to our newsletter
  • Contact us if you have questions about Green Line