Green Line Bridges

Bridges will transform our skyline and how we move about our city.

Seven bridges will be built in Stage 1 of the Green Line (Shepard to 16 Avenue N.). Most of these crossings over roadways are simple LRT bridges. However, the bridges that cross rivers provide opportunities to enhance the pathways and areas surrounding them.


Green Line bridges will cross the following roads and rivers:

  • Blackfoot Trail S.E.
  • 46 Avenue S.E.
  • Ogden Road S.E.
  • 78 Avenue S.E.
  • Deerfoot Trail S.E. and the Bow River
  • Elbow River between Ramsay and Victoria Park
  • Bow River between Eau Claire and Crescent Heights


Elbow River bridge

The Elbow River Bridge will be built in Phase 1. It will connect Victoria Park and Ramsay in southeast Calgary. Since it is close to the pedestrian crossings at the 9 Avenue S.E. bridge and the Elbow River traverse bridge, it will not have pedestrian access across the river.

The multi-use pathways below the bridge will improve pedestrian connections between Ramsay and Inglewood. They will include new safety measures, like:

  • A widened pathway on the west side of the Elbow River
  • CCTV cameras
  • Call boxes
  • Lighting

Bow River LRT bridge

The Bow River LRT bridge will be built in Phase 2. It will provide a new connection between Eau Claire, Chinatown and the centre city to Crescent Heights. At approximately 450m long, the Bow River LRT bridge will be one of Calgary’s longest bridges crossing the river valley. This bridge will offer spectacular views of downtown, Princes Island Park and the river valley below.

Bow River bridge concept images

These images are for illustrative purposes only.

Multi-use pathways on the bridge

Multi-use pathways will add 3-4 metres onto each side of the bridge for walking and wheeling. This will provide a seamless connection between the pathway system in Crescent Heights and the future Eau Claire Promenade.

From the pathways on and around the bridge you can easily get to:

  • Eau Claire Promenade
  • Prince’s Island Park
  • Crescent Heights and Crescent Road
  • McHugh Bluffs
  • Shops and restaurants along Centre Street N.
  • Peace Bridge
  • Riverwalk
  • Chinatown
  • The broader downtown core