Quality of life benefits

The Green Line aims to improve quality of life for all Calgarians, even if they don’t use the service. 

As the city’s population grows, so will the demands on our transportation network. Without new options like the Green Line, our roads and existing transit system will become congested and reduce quality of life.

Safe and healthy communities

Green Line will contribute to safe and healthy communities. You can expect:

  • Reduced traffic collisions: More transit riders means our roads are less congested. This could prevent nearly 2,300 auto collisions over 30 years. There would be less property damage, injury and death.
  • Promoting walking: On average, transit users walk more than drivers. This provides a net health benefit to individuals and our community.
  • Station safety: Stations will be designed to create safe, comfortable public spaces around station areas.


New pathways and cycle connections

Cycle network: Green Line plans will allow for future expansions of the cycle network.

Pathways: Multi-use pathways will be built along or near Stage 1 of the alignment, making it easier and safer to walk or wheel to LRT stations.

Support the development of mixed-use communities

Green Line will support new mixed-use communities and a wide range of lifestyles. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) keeps streets, businesses, housing and public places within walking distance of station areas.

The Green Line LRT will run through a variety of communities including some of Calgary’s oldest and newest, established and developing. Planning for the right type of development for each area will help ensure communities are set up for future growth.

  • Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT will support the delivery of The City’s TOD strategy, including:
  • Direct connections to seven stations in Transit Oriented Development areas.
  • Activating over 1 million sq metres of residential development, nearly 80,000 sq metres of new retail, and an additional 80,000 sq mentres of office development
  • Increased connectivity east-west along 16 Avenue N between Centre Street and the Red Line LRT (Lions Park station)


Transit Oriented Development at Brentwood station has brought residential buildings, retail stores, restaurants, services and a new park to the area.

Connecting the city

Green Line will be an affordable, accessible and convenient transportation option. It will allow people to get to employment centres, education, retail, health and essential services across the city. Stage 1 of the green line will connect:

  • 325,000 people within a 15-minute transit ride to the Green Line
  • 205,000 people within a 15-minute bike ride to the Green Line LRT
  • 68,000 people within a 15-minute walk to the Green Line LRT
  • Over 300 key destinations (schools, museums, parks, social services, health care, shopping centres) within a 15-minute walk of a Green Line station, and over 900 within a 15-minute bus ride.