Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

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Preparing for construction

We know that running your own business can be tough, even in the best of times.

Construction around your business can be disruptive. We have a team on the ground ready to help keep you prepared and informed during construction.

Here’s some tips and tricks that can also help you manage and prep your business for construction.

How we will support you during construction

There will be a variety of resources available to support you as a business owner during BDURP construction and beyond.

  • The Community & Business Relations team is made up of Green Line staff dedicated to providing you with the most up to date construction info, updates on emerging issues and are a resource for you to ask questions and get help if needed
  • Our construction webpage, will be updated regularly with the latest information on construction impacts
  • Help us help you by  registering your business at Registering will ensure you get the latest information based on your business needs and location and will provide us with information so we can plan for construction with your business in mind

What can you do to prepare for construction

The City of Calgary has developed a number of supports to help businesses be as prepared as possible for a wide range of potential interruptions. These tools are a great first step you can take to make sure your business is set up to handle any disruptions.

Preparing your business

  • Developing a business continuity plan will help you better understand the potential risks your business could face and develop strategies to ensure continued operation during and after a disruption.
  • Staying up to date on digital marketing is not only important to help you stay competitive in today’s climate but will also help you communicate effectively with your customers about possible impacts from Green Line construction. Use The City’s Digital Service Squad to help you adopt new digital technologies and embrace digital marketing.
  • The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) offers two grants that can help you get online and use technology to build your business. You can learn more about the grant and eligibility requirements here.

Getting Around

Utilize maps and construction notices provided at


Being active on social media by posting photos and updates can help keep customers informed and engaged. You can also retweet construction updates from Green Line’s twitter account. Follow us @GreenLineYYC so you never miss a post.

Have a script

Consider having an automated message or keeping a script next to your phone so you and your employees have quick access to info to communicate to customers about being open during construction.

Construction FAQ

What will construction on the BDURP look like/generally entail?

The Beltline Downtown Utility Relocation project will make way for the Green Line by moving utility conflicts. Utility relocations are an example of enabling works that are being done in advance to relocate underground, street-level, and overhead obstructions that would conflict with building the major infrastructure for the Green Line. This will help reduce potential schedule risks to allow for the rest of Green Line LRT construction to be delivered more efficiently. It is also a significant investment in infrastructure renewal by upgrading utilities in the Beltline and Downtown area.

The utilities being relocated include City sanitary, water and storm water utilities and third-party telecom, electricity, and gas utilities. 

What should I expect during construction?

Typical impacts associated with utility relocation construction include lane closures, loss of on-street parking, construction noise, congestion, and dust and debris in the construction area for the duration of the work. Before construction on each project begins and as it progresses you will be provided with construction notices that outline impacts and what you can expect at every phase of construction.

What are you doing to minimize dust and construction debris from coming onto my property?

The contractor will manage and maintain the surrounding areas around the construction work sites on a regular basis to make sure that any construction debris that makes it outside the work area is regularly cleaned up.

What are the hours for construction?

Construction will typically occur Monday to Saturday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. There will be exceptions where construction will occur on Sundays and outside the typical hours. In some instances, crews will work 24/7 to complete critical work or to reduce the duration of significant impacts such as full road or intersection closures or access and business disruptions.

How loud will construction be?

This type of construction, which includes digging and heavy machinery, will be noisy at times. When we’re working outside of non-standard working hours, we’ll do our best to minimize construction noise levels and provide advance notice, so you are aware of potential impacts from noise.

Will there be waste collection or mail disruptions?

We will do our best to minimize these types of disruptions and work with you on access and business and service continuity mitigations if short-term changes to these services are necessary to accommodate construction. We’ll work with Canada Post and The City’s Waste and Recycling Services on any unavoidable disruptions that will affect delivery of these services.

You can contact us through Online 311

Current utility relocation construction

If you own a business in the area above you could be impacted by the Beltline and Downtown utility relocation work and we are here to help.

If you own a business in the area above you could be impacted by the Beltline and Downtown utility relocation work and we are here to help.


Additional resources to support your business and employees during construction



  • Work with the Calgary Parking Authority to promote your business for free in the MyParking app’s “Local Deals” promotional section, visit
  • Add your business listing and location on Google My Business at to increase your visibility online.

City of Calgary Resources

  • Your area community association and local Business Improvement Area (BIA) can also be great resources for support. For more information on BIA’s and to see if your business is located in one visit
  • Visit The City’s Business and Economy website for more resources.