Ogden station


Ogden Road S.E. and 72 Avenue S.E.

Station Type

Ground level

LRT Platform Type

Side loading

Transit Connections

  • Local routes

Transit Amenities

  • Plaza
  • Heated waiting areas
  • Bike parking
  • On-street bus stops
  • Customer pick-up/drop-off

What's Nearby?

  • CP National Headquarters
  • Historic Ogden Village
  • South East Calgary Community Resource Centre
  • George Moss Park
  • Foothills Industrial area

About the station

Ogden station is in the heart of Ogden, at the junction of Ogden Road S.E. and 72 Avenue S.E. The station is community-oriented and will serve local routes and the adjacent communities of Lynnwood, Millican and Ogden. It will also connect people to industrial and commercial jobs in the area.

Pre-construction work

Since 2017, Enabling Works projects have been underway in the community to prepare for main construction. Enabling Works projects include:

  • utility relocation
  • land preparation
  • environmental remediation
  • transit route improvements

Long-term vision

In 2015, Green Line worked with the community and developer stakeholders to create the Lynnwood/Millican/Ogden Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Concept Plan. Highlights of the plan included support of existing affordable housing, enhancing green space in the community around the stations and improved access to the community among others.

See Green Line Southeast - Where we are & where we're going (2015) – page 24

In 2016, engagement began on the new Area Redevelopment Plan for Millican-Ogden. Millican-Ogden will continue to offer the features that residents currently enjoy, such as:

  • lots of open space
  • great connections to the rest of the city
  • a mix of land uses: industrial, commercial, retail and residential
  • different housing types
  • a proud sense of community spirit and railway heritage.

These features will be enhanced by the Green Line stations in the area.

New development around Green Line stations 

A new LRT station will spur development in this area. For a list of current planning applications near this station view The City's Development Map. Green Line works closely with the Planning & Development department on land use and development near future LRT stations. For more information visit Building, Planning & Business.

Population, jobs and ridership within a 10 minute walk/800 m

  • 2018
    • Population: 3,300
    • Jobs: 1,900
    • Ridership: 0
  • 2028
    • Population: 5,100
    • Jobs: 2,200
    • Ridership: 1,300
  • 2048
    • Population: 6,700
    • Jobs: 2,400
    • Ridership: 2,000