7 Avenue S.W. station


2 Street S.W. and 7 Avenue S.W.

Station Type


LRT Platform Type

Center loading

Transit Connections

  • Red Line LRT
  • Blue Line LRT
  • MAX Yellow
  • MAX Purple
  • BRT
  • Local routes

Transit Amenities

  • On-street bus stops
  • Heated waiting areas
  • Elevator & escalator platform access

What's Nearby?

  • Stephen Avenue Mall
  • Devonian Gardens
  • TELUS Convention Centre
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Arts Commons
  • Olympic Plaza
  • The Core shopping centre
  • University of Calgary Downtown Campus
  • Bow Valley College

About the station

This station will be in the heart of the city’s downtown. It will connect to key destinations, community amenities, educational and employment hubs.

It will be the busiest station along the Green Line as a result of being a key transfer station and its proximity to the high number of housing and jobs.

This station allows transit riders to transfer easily between the Green Line and existing Red and Blue LRT Lines, MAX Yellow and MAX Purple bus services. People can also easily connect with the downtown cycle track network and regional pathways.

The Green Line team is working with adjacent landowners to integrate entrances to this underground station into existing or future developments.

Long-term vision

As part of Calgary's Greater Downtown PlanThe City is investing in transforming downtown towards a more balanced mix of residential, office, retail, entertainment, tourism and culture. The Green Line is an important component of this, as it will expand and enhance transit service downtown. There is also potential for new public spaces along the Green Line as part of the Public Garden Initiative.

New development around Green Line stations 

A new LRT station will spur development in this area. For a list of current planning applications near this station view The City's Development Map. Green Line works closely with the Planning & Development department on land use and development near future LRT stations. For more information visit Building, Planning & Business.

Population, jobs and ridership within a 10 minute walk/800 m

  • 2018
    • Population: 7,500
    • Jobs: 91,800
    • Ridership: 0
  • 2028
    • Population: 8,600
    • Jobs: 95,900
    • Ridership: 22,600
  • 2048
    • Population: 11,300
    • Jobs: 108,400
    • Ridership: 34,600