Ramsay/Inglewood station


Above 11 Street S.E., south of existing CP Rail bridge

Station Type

Elevated above ground

LRT Platform Type

Side loading

Transit Connections

  • Local routes
  • MAX Purple
  • Regional connections

Transit Amenities

  • On-street bus stops
  • Plaza
  • Heated waiting areas
  • Elevator platform access
  • Bike parking

What's Nearby?

  • 9 Avenue S.E. Main Street
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Barley Belt brewery district
  • Elbow River pathway
  • Riverwalk

About the station

This station will be built on a bridge over 11 Street S.E., between the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood. Access to this elevated station will be from the west and east sides, which will improve connections between Ramsay and Inglewood, benefiting both communities.

The station will serve local residents and jobs, the historic Inglewood Main Street (9 Avenue S.E.), the Elbow River pathway and future planned Riverwalk extensions. 

Long-term vision

This station area has been identified for Transit Oriented Development (TOD). In 2015, Green Line worked with the community and developer stakeholders to create the Inglewood/Ramsay/26 Avenue S.E. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Concept Plan. Highlights of the plan include a pedestrian-friendly retail shopping street on 11 Street S.E., similar to 9 Avenue S.E. This will revitalize one of Calgary’s oldest, historic communities. It will also support local businesses, entrepreneurs and the community.  

Between 9 Avenue S.E. and 26 Avenue S.E., there could be:

  • pedestrian amenities
  • trees and streetscape enhancements
  • bike lanes, roadway improvements
  • shopping and restaurants

See Green Line Southeast - Where we are & where we're going (2015) – page 20

New shopping, living and working options will attract new residents who wish to live and work in the area. The Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan will help guide redevelopment in Inglewood and Ramsay. Redevelopment projects will be careful to add to, rather than disturb, the community’s unique and historic qualities. 

New development around Green Line stations 

A new LRT station will spur development in this area. For a list of current planning applications near this station view The City's Development Map. Green Line works closely with the Planning & Development department on land use and development near future LRT stations. For more information visit Building, Planning & Business.

Population, jobs and ridership within a 10 minute walk/800 m

  • 2018
    • Population: 5,000
    • Jobs: 3,000
    • Ridership: 0
  • 2028
    • Population: 7,500
    • Jobs: 3,100
    • Ridership: 2,900
  • 2048
    • Population: 10,500
    • Jobs: 3,600
    • Ridership: 4,900