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Calgary Built: The Green Line LRT – Episode 2: Lilydale poultry plant demolition

With several early works projects on the go for Green Line, we invite you to watch episode two of our new behind-the-scenes construction videos series, Calgary Built: The Green Line LRT.

The series follows a team of dedicated professionals, including engineers, architects, construction workers and project managers as they navigate the challenges of constructing Phase 1 of the Green Line LRT. From the early works projects to the final unveiling, each episode delves into details of some of the most interesting construction moments of building Calgary’s largest infrastructure project.

In episode two, we walk through the demolition of the old Lilydale poultry plant in Ramsay to make way for the LRT alignment.

Demolitions of old buildings require extensive planning, lots of technical work and a range of machines to bring them down safely. From minimizing dust and debris to diverting waste from the landfill by recycling and repurposing materials, this demolition had it all.

In case you missed episode one, you can find it here, where we breakdown the installation of a maintenance hole by ENMAX. Have you ever wondered about those circular plates in the road and, even more interesting, what is down there?

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Map showing Lilydale in relation to Ramsay/Inglewood Station.