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Local business feature - Moonstone Creation

Nestled in the charming little pink house on the corner of Inglewood, Moonstone Creation offers a rich blend of experiences. At the front, you'll find a delightful gift shop, while the middle showcases an array of beads, fabrics, and other crafts. The back houses an art gallery featuring the works of Indigenous artists. Additionally, Moonstone provides a variety of classes and take-home kits for those eager to explore their creative side.

Founded in June 2009 by Yvonne Jobin and her late daughter Amy, Moonstone Creation was envisioned as a place to celebrate and promote Indigenous art, artists and handmade products. Their dedication is evident in the store's offerings, which include creations by Yvonne, her nieces, staff, and over 60 Indigenous artists. Each piece tells a story, blending tradition and innovation. Moonstone Creation features artists from Treaty 7, the territory on which Calgary stands, and Treaties 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10.

“We are Indigenous-owned and Indigenous-operated, and that is something we are very proud of,” shares Angela Jerome, the manager at Moonstone Creation.

The atmosphere at Moonstone Creation is warm and inviting, making it a beloved spot in the heart of Inglewood. People of all ages and nationalities are welcomed, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. The store's vibrant environment encourages exploration and discovery, ensuring each visit is a memorable experience.

Located near the future Ramsay/Inglewood Green Line Station, Moonstone Creation is set to become even more accessible to the community. The Green Line will allow more people to discover and enjoy the unique offerings of Moonstone Creation and the wider Inglewood area.

Map of Moonstone Creation in relation to Ramsay/Inglewood Station.

Moonstone Creation
1219 10 Avenue S.E.

Moonstone Creation

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