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Meet the Calgarians Building the Green Line – Damian Brake

Meet Damian Brake, the founder of Core Drilling, a trusted provider of drilling equipment in Alberta. Damian has an extensive background in the environmental and geotechnical drilling service industry, as well as experience as an environmental consultant. 

Core Drilling is committed to providing exceptional customer service and offering the safest, most efficient, drilling equipment suitable for the soil conditions found in Western Canada. Damian began the company in 2001 and has extensive experience working in Western Canada's environmental and geotechnical drilling service industry.

As the Green Line LRT Project is progressing, our Development Partner, BTC selected Core Drilling to undertake due diligence work to test ground conditions. This work involves investigating the ground prior to tunnelling as well as collecting ground water samples to analyze for contamination.

As a drilling expert, Damian has designed and operated state-of-the-art drilling equipment that can meet the diverse needs of their clients in the region. The information received through Core Drilling will contribute to helping Green Line remove elements of risk throughout the project and design the best structure for the soil conditions.

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