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November 2019 Green Line LRT Project Update

Inglewood Ramsay City Projects Update – November 2019

8 Street S.E. Closure Update

We will be postponing the closure of 8 Street S.E. at the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing just south of 9 Avenue S.E. The closure had previously been planned to move forward on November 15; however, this crossing closure is now postponed. This crossing will now permanently close on January 15, 2020. To stay informed on this closure, visit

Green Line – Project Update

On October 24, the Province released its 2019-2020 Budget. While the Province will continue its funding commitment to Stage 1 of Green Line, from 16 Avenue N. to 126 Avenue S.E., funding has been largely deferred from $555 million to $75 million over the next four years. This means a smaller portion of the Province’s funding for Green Line will be released over the next four years, with the remaining portion to come in later years.

We are meeting with the Provincial Government to better understand details of the budget and what this means for the project. We will share a project update at the first Green Line Committee Meeting on November 15.

The Green Line represents a significant investment in our transportation network, in our communities, and the future of our city. In addition, construction of Stage 1 is expected to create 20,000 jobs, which will further contribute to Calgary’s economy. We are committed to delivering this important infrastructure and service for Calgarians.

Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan – Project Update

The B&A Planning Group has developed policy recommendations for the Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). Now that we’ve shown a summary of these recommendations to the communities, citizens and industry, we’ll be working over the next five months to create a new draft of the ARP.

Next steps

  • In November, 2019, the B & A will complete its work on the Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). Also, The City will collect feedback from the engagement exercise from the B & A Planning Group, Inglewood and Ramsay Community Associations, Industry and Residents in the area and citizens interested in the process.
  • From November 2019 - Q1 2020, we will work to complete the new ARP draft. This work includes:
    • Reviews recommendations and feedback, including information from past engagement
    • Incorporates recommendations and feedback, where applicable
    • Compiles a What We Heard report- explaining what recommendations and feedback were included and if not, why not
    • Shares a new ARP draft with citizens and Calgary Planning Commission (Q1 2020)

For more information, please visit

Inglewood Sanitary Trunk – Construction Update

This month, we are continuing to install the trunk along 11 Street S.E. by microtunnelling. Rotating lane closures of sections of the southbound curb lane and sidewalk from 26 Avenue S.E. north to 17 Avenue S.E. will be in place until the end of November. Each closure will last 5-8 days and the inside lane will remain open to accommodate southbound traffic. We thank citizens for their patience while we install this important piece of sanitary infrastructure.

For more information or to view a map of the planned alignment, please visit