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Green Line LRT Project

Map of the Green Line

The full Green Line LRT will be comprised of 46 kilometres track and will run from Seton in the southeast to 160 Avenue N. The Green Line will be built in stages as funding become available. Stage 1 of construction will extend from 126 Avenue S.E.  to 16 Avenue N. and is expected to be constructed from 2021-2027 and estimated to cost $4.903 billion.

Green Line route and station locations map

Map legend

Green Line station

Green Line underground station

Green Line stage 1 route

Green Line future station

Stage 1 of the Green Line will be delivered using a Design-Build-Finance (DBF) model. This was approved by Council in March 2018.

In a DBF model, design and construction are combined under one contract. This model provides better cost and schedule certainty, and transfers design and construction risks to Project Co (i.e., the successful proponent).

This also means the images and station locations we use right now are not final and there may be some changes as the project team and successful design/build proponent work through the final design. 

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