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Green Line LRT Project

Highfield Green Line Station

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Highfield Station is located in the center of Calgary’s original industrial district. This station is reusing land which was a former landfill in post-closure care. Using this land for a station creates a unique opportunity to stimulate development in the area.

The station includes:

  • waiting and station facilities
  • improved pedestrian connections
  • cycling connections

It will also serve as a transit hub, enabling riders to connect between the LRT and buses to get to jobs in the area.

The alignment is parallel to the Canadian National Railway (CN) right-of-way which allows:

  • transit to travel at higher speeds
  • a decrease in travel time

The station will primarily serve the people who work in the area. It provides them with a reliable and affordable transportation option.

Long-term vision for the Highfield Station

The Highfield Station has the potential to encourage growth of the industrial park, because of increased transit connections for workers. The area has potential to become a generator for new commercial and high tech incubator development.

There are two important heritage resources close to the station - the Alberta Distilleries Ltd. and the Alberta Flour Mills (Spillers Mill). The area is transitioning away from an older warehouse and manufacturing focus to a new commercial development. A new commercial development is proposed for the site immediately south of the station.

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