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Green Line LRT Project

Lynnwood/Millican Green Line Station

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Lynnwood/Millican Station is located at the junction of Ogden Road S.E. and Millican Road S.E., next to Pop Davies Park. The station will serve Lynnwood and Millican residents and users of the soccer and baseball facilities at Pop Davies Park.

The community has expressed concerns regarding the potential loss of parking at Pop Davies Park. We are reviewing opportunities to re-purpose the Former Imperial Oil Refinery (FIOR) lands into a parking lot for the station.

The station will have a bus terminal, providing Calgarians with connections to neighbouring communities and industrial areas to the east.

Long-term vision for the Lynnwood/Millican Station

The Lynnwood/Millican Station will provide access to local community services, such as:

  • the Jack Setter Arena
  • the South East Calgary Community Resource Centre
  • local schools and seniors clubs

It will also connect workers with jobs in the industrial area to the east, including the CP Rail Headquarters.

The new Area Redevelopment Plan for Millican-Ogden is underway and accounts for the new Green Line stations within these communities.

Millican-Ogden will continue to offer the features that residents currently enjoy, such as:

  • lots of open space
  • great connections to the wider city
  • a mix of land uses
  • different housing types
  • a proud sense of community spirit and railway heritage

These features will be augmented by the Green Line stations in the area. We anticipate around 700 new residents will move to the area around the Lynnwood/Millican Station.

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