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Green Line LRT Project

Ogden Green Line Station

Construction updates

Since 2017, Enabling Works projects have been underway in the community. Enabling Works projects include utility relocations, land preparation, environmental remediation and transit improvements that typically require long lead times and ample resources. More information about Enabling Works projects that are currently underway in the community can be found below:

  • Ogden ENMAX relocation
  • 78 Avenue S.E. Road Widening and Underpass project
  • CN/Highfield track and tunnel project
  • 24 Street SE storm water pond and Ogden landfill remediation

Ogden Road S.E. utility line relocation

Starting on approximately April 27 and lasting for approximately 3 months, Enmax will be completing both civil construction and electrical work in the area. This work will impact roadways between 69 Avenue SE and 74 Avenue SE. This will also impact sidewalks in the area.

ENMAX will be working within the City-owned road allowance, which will include excavation along existing roadways, sidewalks, pathways and greenspaces. After work is complete, ground disturbance will be restored. Any landscaping beyond legal property lines is considered an encroachment onto City-owned land and will be removed. Please see the information notice and maps to find out which properties may be impacted and learn more about the project.​

Ogden ENMAX relocation

ENMAX will be burying an overhead power line and installing a new manhole, duct and associated utility equipment. The work will mostly take place underneath the CP tracks - between Ogden Dale Road S.E. and the entrance to laneway serving 26A Street S.E. at 74 Avenue S.E. Some additional work will also take place within the City owned boulevard on the south side of 74 Avenue S.E.

Work will take place starting January 6, 2020.

Learn more about the project.​

78 Avenue SE Road Widening and Underpass Project

This work includes:

  • Building an underpass to connect 78 Avenue S.E. under the CP tracks to Ogden Dale Road
  • Road construction on Ogden Rd SE and 78 Avenue S.E.
  • Closing 69 Avenue S.E. at the CP rail crossing

In May 2020, The City released a Request for Proposal (RFP) for this work to begin as early as September 2020.

More detailed construction information will be released in the coming weeks. See more information on this project

CN/Highfield track and tunnel project - Under construction

This work includes:

  • 34 Avenue S.E., between 11 Street S.E. and the cul-de-sac (adjacent to Simmons and Hood Packaging)
  • 34 Avenue S.E., between the CN tracks and Ogden Road S.E. (adjacent to Calgary Metals and Electronic Recycling Association)
  • The sloped natural area and CN tracks between Hood Packaging & Simmons and Calgary Metals & Electronic Recycling Association

See map for more details

24 Street S.E. storm water pond and Ogden Landfill remediation

The City of Calgary is constructing a new dry storm pond and an embankment for the future Green Line LRT in the former Ogden Landfil.

Most of construction will be taking place from June 2020 to December 2020, with project completion anticipated for spring 2021.

Learn more about the project.​

Station information

Stage 1


Segment 1 construction timeline

View station on map

Ogden Station is ideally located to serve the community of Ogden at the junction of Ogden Road S.E. and 72 Avenue. A transit plaza will serve as the gateway to the at-grade station.

The Green Line will run parallel to the CP right-of-way, on a separate corridor from vehicles which will improve transit ride times and reliability.

The station connects Green Line users to many nearby amenities including:

  • the Victory Manor heritage building
  • the South East Calgary Community Resource Centre
  • George Moss Park

It will also connect Calgarians to industrial and commercial jobs in the area.

Preparing for construction

Since 2017, Enabling Works projects have been underway in the community. Enabling Works projects include:

  • utility relocation
  • land preparation
  • environmental remediation
  • transit route improvements

Long-term vision for the Ogden Station

Ogden Station will be within walking distance of a new public playfield to the south of 78 Avenue S.E., which will support local outdoor recreation opportunities. It will also open up the opportunity to enhance existing pathways and green spaces near the station.

The new Area Redevelopment Plan for Millican-Ogden is underway and accounts for the new Green Line stations within these communities. 

Millican-Ogden will continue to offer the features that residents currently enjoy, such as:

  • lots of open space
  • great connections to the wider city
  • a mix of land uses
  • different housing types
  • a proud sense of community spirit and railway heritage.

These features will be augmented by the Green Line stations in the area. The Ogden Station will become the new heart of the community and will include a mix of shops, services and housing to serve the area’s diverse population.

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