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Green Line LRT Project

Ramsay/Inglewood Green Line Station

Construction updates

Enabling Works projects are currently underway in the community. These projects include utility relocations, land preparation, environmental remediation and transit improvements that typically require long lead times and ample resources. More information about Enabling Works projects that are currently underway can be found below:

  • Streetlight installation at 15 St. and 9 Ave S.E.
  • 11 Street S.E. between 20 Avenue S.E. and south of 21 Avenue S.E. utility work
  • Adelaide Street and 9 Street S.E. utility work
  • 8 Street S.E. at the CP crossing south of 9 Avenue S.E. - permanently closed
  • CP Wye track reconfiguration

Streetlight Installation at 15 St & 9 Ave S.E.

To make way for the Enmax transmission line on the west side of 15 ST S.E., the City of Calgary will be relocating existing streetlights to new poles located on the east side of 15 ST S.E.

To achieve the required light levels for the roadway, four new streetlight poles will be added to the east side of the street. Two new poles will be installed in the sidewalk in front of the Canadian Western Graphics building and two new poles will be installed within the landscaping beds adjacent to the parking area. Existing light standards bordering the parking area will remain and new poles will be installed between them and further south of the property to the intersection.

What you can expect:

It is anticipated that crews will be working Monday to Friday, from approximately 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. along City-owned roadways and boulevards. During construction hours, you can expect:

  • General construction noise and vibration (trucks, excavation equipment)
  • Increased construction traffic in the neighbourhood
  • On street parking will be removed on the east side of 15 Street S.E. while this work is being completed.
  • Detours will be in place for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists as required.


Construction is expected to start on September 21 and to last 3-4 weeks.

11 Street S.E. between 20 Avenue S.E. and south of 21 Avenue S.E. utility work – under construction

ENMAX and Shaw will be completing utility relocation work on 11 Street near 21 Avenue and 20 Avenue S.E. during spring and summer 2020.

Work in the are includes:

  • Relocation of ENMAX lines
  • Relocation of Shaw lines

Work is expected to be completed by August 2020.

Note: Significant rainfall has caused unfavorable groundwater conditions and reduced efficiency for ENMAX crews on site causing delays to construction and the removal of the truck detour currently in place. Collapsing trenches (sloughing) meant a revised approach for shoring, backfill, and soil compaction was needed. Crews also encountered unmarked abandoned utilities, which required us to file for updated permits and revised construction methods. Finally, unforeseen circumstances also meant a much deeper excavation was needed underneath the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway tracks.

ENMAX construction is now expected to be delayed until the end of July.

Adelaide Street and 9 Street S.E. utility work - under construction

Work completed so far includes:

  • Completing fibre optics work, and
  • Relocating an ATCO gas line
  • Permanent closure of Adelaide Street to accommodate the future LRT tracks

See more information on this project.

Notice: To accommodate the future Green Line alignment and construction of tracks, Adelaide Street has been permanently closed between 8 Street S.E. and north of 11 Avenue S.E. Access will be maintained to homes that use Adelaide Street as a back alley to access garages. Waste and Recycling pick-up will not be impacted.

In addition to the Green Line work taking place, the Inglewood Sanitary Truck project will be doing work in the area until summer 2020. Please check the Inglewood Sanitary Truck web page for construction updates for that project.

8 Street S.E. at the CP crossing south of 9 Avenue S.E. - permanently closed

In order to move this project forward, through land negotiations and to accommodate Canadian Pacific Railway operations and reconfiguration, The City closed 8 Street S.E. at the CP crossing south of 9 Avenue S.E. permanently on January 15, 2020. 8 Street S.E. is now closed to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

New route options include:

  • Pedestrians: Due to the closure of the Elbow River Pathway on the east side of the Elbow River, use 4 St. S.E. and 11/12 St. S.E. to connect to north and southbound 8 Street S.E.
  • Cyclists: Due to the closure of the Elbow River Pathway on the east side of the Elbow River, use 4 St. S.E. and 11/12 St. S.E. to connect to north and southbound 8 Street S.E.
  • Motorists: Use MacDonald Avenue bridge to 12 Avenue S.E. to Olympic Way.
    Or use Southbound 8 Street S.E. to 21 Avenue to 11/12 Street S.E.​

Use this map to help find your new route.

We’ve answered some additional questions you may have about this closure and how it might impact the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood.

CP Wye track reconfiguration

On behalf of Green Line, Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail will be working to relocate railway track to make way for future Green Line track.

Starts August 3 (expected) 

Work includes: relocating current railway track and removal of abandoned track along the west side of the Wye. Work will also include the installation of new fencing along the property line with adjacent lands.

What to Expect:

  • General construction noise (e.g. trucks, excavation, compaction and heavy working equipment), vibration, and railway track construction, including  
  • Lane reductions on 20 Avenue S.E. for a few days to allow for construction of the crossing (single lane, two-way traffic access with flaggers will be maintained at all times)


Station information

Stage 1


Segment 1 construction timeline

View station on map

The Ramsay/Inglewood station is an "elevated bridge” designed station. It is located over 11 Street S.E. and parallel to the CP Rail bridge and serves the communities of Ramsay and Inglewood. There will be an at-grade access on the west side from Jefferies Park, and an elevated access on the east end.

The station will provide opportunities to improve connections between Ramsay and Inglewood, ensuring both communities benefit from the station.

Long-term vision for Ramsay/Inglewood Station

While no park and ride or bus terminals are planned for this station, it will be a transit hub that connects riders to our primary transit network and regional connections. Its location is close to the Downtown and a short walk to Riverwalk and the Elbow River Pathway.

A new main street

As one of Calgary’s oldest, historic communities, the revitalization and transformation of 11 Street S.E. into a main street will support local businesses, entrepreneurs and the community. The new main street will span from 9 Avenue S.E. to 26 Avenue S.E. and will include:

  • pedestrian amenities
  • trees
  • bicycle facilities
  • shopping
  • restaurants

The complete street will become a residential destination similar to 9 Avenue S.E. The thoughtful identification of redevelopment opportunities will add to rather than disturb the community’s unique and historic qualities.

The Historic East Calgary Area Redevelopment Plan will help guide redevelopment within the communities of Inglewood and Ramsay. Over time, the area around this station will redevelop with new shopping, living and working opportunities. This will bring new residents who wish to live and work in the area.

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