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Green Line LRT Project

South Hill Green Line Station

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South Hill Station and plaza will become the centerpiece of a new mixed-use development and a major transit hub in the city.

It will connect transit riders to the Primary Transit Network. Riders will enjoy connections to destinations in neighbouring communities and across the city. It will also provide Calgarians with an additional option for travelling to jobs in the nearby commercial and industrial areas.

Preparing for construction

Since 2017, Enabling Works projects have been underway in the community. Enabling Works projects include:

  • utility relocations
  • land preparation
  • environmental remediation
  • transit route improvements

Long-term vision for the South Hill Station

Much of the South Hill area is City-owned, which provides a unique opportunity for transit oriented development (TOD) on almost 20 acres of largely vacant land.

This area has several sites with potential for TOD developments in the next 10-20 years, while the greater TOD area could develop in the longer term (20 plus years).

The proposed TOD at South Hill was created around the concept of a transit village at the core.

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