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Where do I put pizza boxes?

How to recycle pizza boxes

Can you recycle pizza boxes?

Yes. You can recycle clean pizza boxes (some grease is okay):

  • Place in your blue cart
  • Drop off at a community recycling depot for free

Can you compost pizza boxes?

Yes. You can put food-soiled pizza boxes (dried-on cheese, food chunks, sauce splatters etc.) in your green cart to be composted.

How do I prepare pizza boxes for disposal?

  • Remove the liner and put in your green cart.
  • Put leftover pizza, chicken wings and food scraps in your green cart.
  • Put dipping sauce containers and plastic pegs into your black cart.

Community recycling depot locations listed below:

Pizza boxes

Top photo: Clean pizza boxes (some grease is ok) go in the blue bin.

Bottom photo: Dirty pizza boxes covered in cheese, food chunks, sauce etc. go in the green bin.