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Needles and syringes

How to safely dispose of needles and syringes

Found needles - Dispose of it safely

If you find a needle outside, please see our safe disposal information​.

​Household needles - Dispose of it safely at participating pharmacies

Many pharmacies provide safe disposal for needles, syringes, diabetic lancets and other sharps. Contact your pharmacy to see if they participate in sharps disposal.

Needles must be properly packaged to prevent injuries. Many pharmacies offer sharps containers at their locations.

Household needles - Dispose of it safely in black cart

Put properly packaged needles can be placed in your black cart. This is for the safety of your collector and landfill staff.

Special instructions

  • Needles must go into a puncture-resistant, non- breakable, sealed container (e.g. plastic bleach bottle, laundry detergent container, plastic pail with lid). Label the bottle as "sharps" with a permanent marker then put in your black cart.
  • Do not use cardboard boxes as they can rip/break open. Never put needles in your blue cart or community recycling depot as they can't be recycled.
Needles and syringes