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A-Z Listing

Power tools

How to recycle power tools

Usable power tools

Donate working power tools to participating charities or private recyclers. Refer to Alberta's Recycling Hotline for options.

Unusable power tools

Take old and broken power tools to an electronics recycling drop-off. Items must have a power cord or run on a battery/charger and be for residential use.

This includes portable electronic air tools as well as mounted, work bench or floor power tools.

  • Drills
  • Die grinders and angle grinders
  • Miter saws, table saws, scroll saws, circular saws etc.
  • Nail guns
  • Air compressors
  • Shop vacuum
  • Drum machines
  • Powered caulking guns
  • Sanders (belt, disc etc)
  • Soldering irons
  • Pipe cutters and threaders

Special instructions

  • If you take electronics to a landfill and bring other garbage in your load, landfill charges will apply.
  • Some restrictions apply. For full details, see Electronics Recycling program.
  • Do NOT put electronics in your blue cart as these items can damage the equipment at the recycling facility.

Electronics recycling depots listed below: