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Green Line LRT project - 78 Avenue S.E. Road Widening and Underpass

Green Line - 78 Avenue S.E. Underpass project


The City is doing several construction projects, called Enabling Works, to get ready for the Green Line LRT. One of those projects is the 78 Avenue S.E. Road Widening and Underpass Project.

Upcoming construction work:

Mid/late-August to November: building the berm A new berm will be built to the west of the current one, and closer to the homes located on 78 Avenue S.E. The new berm is being built to accommodate the temporary track to maintain CP operations during the construction of the new underpass.

As part of this work the following will take place:

  • a retaining wall will be built along a portion of the alleyway adjacent to the berm to help maintain access to the alleyway
  • a fence will be built around the playground on 78 Avenue S.E.
Construction impacts:
  • A lot of large trucks hauling gravel to the site
  • Trucks will access the construction site from 74 Avenue S.E., 76 Avenue S.E., 78 Avenue S.E. and 80 Avenue S.E.
  • Gravel for the berm will be stored in the green space south of 78 Avenue S.E. and will be fenced for the safety of community members and construction crews working on site
  • You may experience increased noise, vibrations and dust during work hours, construction crews will continue to use best management practices to mitigate impacts
  • Access to the alleyways may be impacted periodically during this work
Crews will be working 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Saturday, weather permitting. Some work may take place on Sundays and holidays if needed.



Ongoing construction work:

While construction of the berm is underway, we will continue to relocate utilities throughout the community. We will contact residents that will be directly impacted by utility work to provide them with information about the construction work and potential impacts to their property.

Why this project?

The City is doing several construction projects, called Enabling Works, to get ready for the Green Line LRT. The 78 Avenue S.E. Underpass project is one of those projects. It includes:
  • utility work to prepare for construction,
  • building an underpass to connect 78 Avenue S.E. under the CP tracks to Ogden Dale Road;
  • 78 Avenue S.E. road works; and
  • closing the 69 Avenue S.E. crossing at CP.
Completing this project now will help us when it comes time for us to build the Green Line tracks and stations starting as early as 2020.

Project renderings:

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • 78 Avenue S.E. Rendering - after construction
  • 78 Avenue S.E. - Underpass Connectivity Map

Frequently asked questions

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  • In response to community concern about the potential for a truck route on 78 Avenue S.E., the Green Line team has recommended that the existing truck route on 69 Street and Ogden Road S.E. be removed and not replaced on 78 Avenue S.E. or anywhere else in the community. The road design of 78 Avenue S.E. has changed to reflect this recommendation.
  • The 78 Avenue S.E. underpass will accommodate emergency vehicles, like fire trucks, and trucks exiting the industrial area in emergency situations.
  • It is possible that a truck route could be put on 78 Avenue S.E. in the future. However, it would need to go through a review, engagement and approval process, including a public hearing where people with concerns can speak at Council.
  • The existing truck route east out of the industrial lands will remain via 61 Avenue S.E.
  • You will still see trucks in the community, as they are permitted to leave designated truck routes to make deliveries, pick-up food or stay at an accommodation. This is the same anywhere in the city unless otherwise specified.
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  • Through This is My Neighbourhood your community developed the following vision: Millican-Ogden values feeling safe walking around the community, having multiple options for being active, and residents who care about having a clean and beautiful neighbourhood. The improvements to the park and playground will support this community vision.
  • The park on 78 Avenue S.E. between 26A Street and 27 Street S.E. will stay where it is. In 2019, a fence will be installed around the park.
  • To encourage children to stay on the north side of 78 Avenue S.E., the basketball court was resurfaced, new lines were painted, and the basketball hoop was replaced.
  • We still plan to create fence art with help from the community. The timeline for doing this is not yet known. We will share more information when we are ready to proceed. At that point we will look for local community members to sign up as volunteers to help inform the design.
  • Along 78 Avenue S.E., including the park space, the sidewalks will be moved closer to property lines.
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  • The park/playground space will be fenced along 78 Avenue S.E.
  • Recommending that the truck route not be moved to 78 Avenue S.E. will reduce the number of trucks passing through the area.
  • The pedestrian crossing at 27 Street S.E. will initially be a marked crosswalk, as the projected traffic and pedestrian volumes at that site do not warrant greater traffic control devices. The City uses a warrant system to determine whether additional traffic control devices are warranted at pedestrian crossings. Once the road is operational, if the community is concerned about pedestrian safety a request for a warrant study can be submitted by contacting 311.
  • The playground zone speed limits will remain in place.