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Green Line LRT project - 78 Avenue S.E. Road Widening and Underpass

Green Line - 78 Avenue S.E. Underpass project


The City is doing several construction projects, called Enabling Works, to get ready for the Green Line LRT. One of those projects is the 78 Avenue S.E. Road Widening and Underpass Project.

Project highlights:

  • initial utility work to prepare for construction;
  • building an underpass to connect 78 Avenue S.E. under the CP tracks to Ogden Dale Road;
  • road construction on 78 Avenue S.E.; and
  • closing 69 Avenue S.E. at the CP rail crossing.

Completing this project now will help us when it comes time for us to begin construction of the Green Line LRT in 2020.


Project timeline:

To complete this project, there will be three phases of construction:

​Phase ​Earliest Start Date ​Description of Work ​Completion Date
​Phase One ​February 2019 ​Underground utility work to enable construction. Access to the 78 Avenue alley may be impacted. ​March 2019
​Phase Two ​March 2019 ​Build a temporary track to maintain CP operations during construction of underpass. ​July 2019​
​Phase Three ​July 2019 ​Build underpass and complete road construction on 78 Ave S.E. March 2020​

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

Project Renderings:

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • 78 Avenue S.E. Rendering - after construction
  • 78 Avenue S.E. - Underpass Connectivity Map