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How to compost cooking oil, fats and grease

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  How to compost cooking oil, fats and grease

Cooking oil, fats and grease

Cooking oil or grease

Put up to two litres of cooking oil, fats, sauces, drippings and grease in your green cart for composting.

Special instructions

  • Solidfy fats and grease by letting it cool at room temperature or in fridge.
  • Mix oil with an absorbent material such as paper towel, sawdust or kitty litter and put the mixture in a certified compostable bag or paper bag. Place the tied up/rolled up bag in your green cart.
  • For larger volumes of cooking oil (over 2 litres) contact a cooking oil recycler (fees may apply)

Learn more about handling fats, oils and grease for homeowners.

Tip: Never flush fats, oils or grease down your toilet, sink or drain. They can damage your home's pipes as well as the environment.

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