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Using a compost bag is a great way to keep your kitchen pail and green cart clean, as well as reduce odours and pests. While bagging is helpful, it is not required.
NOTE: For the safety of your collector, the following items must be bagged: pet waste, kitty litter, animal bedding, sawdust and wood shavings, and cold barbeque or fireplaces ashes​.

If you choose to use a liner, here are some options:

1. Certified compostable bags

When buying compostable bags, look for one of the following certified compostable logos on the box. The bags will usually be tinted (green, brown etc.) and will have the certified compostable logo(s) printed directly on the bag.

Here are some examples of certified compostable bags carried by retailers in Calgary. This is not a complete list - contact your preferred location to confirm product availability.​

Note: Calgary Co-op’s compostable check-out bags are prohibited under the Government of Canada’s single-use plastics ban as of Dec 20/23. The ban affects only plastic and compostable plastic check-out bags, not the bin liners you buy on the shelf. While Calgary Co-op will be unable to provide these bags at the check-out line, they are planning to sell these bags in packs of 5 or 10, so that people can continue to use them as compost pail lines at home. Calgary Co-op’s compostable bags have been tested at the Calgary Composting Facility and do break down in the composting process, as do all certified compostable bags..​



Pet waste certified compostable bags
Locations available
Pet waste compostable bags: Bon A-Pet-Treat! Pet store and bakery Pet waste compostable bags: Paws Pet Food & Accessories
Pet waste compostable bags: Calgary Co-op Pet waste compostable bags: PAWSitively Natural
Pet waste compostable bags: Canadian Tire Pet waste compostable bags: Pet Valu
Pet waste compostable bags: Dexter's - Your Local Pet Shop Pet waste compostable bags: Rascals Pet Supplies
Pet waste compostable bags: Doodle Dogs Pet waste compostable bags: Sunnyside Natural Market
Pet waste compostable bags: Dream Dog Boutique Pet waste compostable bags: Tail Blazers
Pet waste compostable bags: Global Pet Foods Pet waste compostable bags: The Bone & Biscuit Co.
Pet waste compostable bags: Green Calgary Eco-Store Pet waste compostable bags: Unleashed
Brands available (make sure compostable logo is on bag/box)
BioBag dog waste bags Pet waste compostable bags: Earth Rated dog waste bags (makes sure compostable logo is on bag/box)
beyondGREEN biotech pet waste bags Pet waste compostable bags: SCHŒP
Pet waste compostable bags: LEAF dog waste bags Pet waste compostable bags:
Paper yard waste bags
Paper yard waste bags: Locations available
Paper yard waste bags: Canadian Tire Paper yard waste bags: No Frills
Paper yard waste bags: Costco Paper yard waste bags: Rexall
Paper yard waste bags: Home Depot Paper yard waste bags: Save on Foods
Paper yard waste bags: London Drugs Paper yard waste bags: Shoppers Drug Mart
Paper yard waste bags: Lowes Paper yard waste bags: Superstore
Paper yard waste bags: Giant Tiger Paper yard waste bags: Walmart
Kitchen pail liners
Kitchen pail liners: Locations available
Kitchen pail liners: Box/No Frills Kitchen pail liners: Pharmasave
Kitchen pail liners: Canadian Tire  
Kitchen pail liners: Community Natural Foods Kitchen pail liners: Rexall
Kitchen pail liners: Calgary Co-op (including certified compostable bag available at checkout till) Kitchen pail liners: Rona
Kitchen pail liners: Costco (including certified compostable bag available at meat counter) Kitchen pail liners: Safeway
Kitchen pail liners: Dollarama Kitchen pail liners: Save on Foods
Kitchen pail liners: Giant Tiger Kitchen pail liners: Shoppers Drug Mart
Kitchen pail liners: Green Calgary Eco-Store Kitchen pail liners: Sobeys
Kitchen pail liners: Home Depot Kitchen pail liners: Staples
Kitchen pail liners: Italian Supermarket Kitchen pail liners: Sunnyside Natural Market
Kitchen pail liners: Lee Valley Kitchen pail liners: Superstore
Kitchen pail liners: London Drugs Kitchen pail liners: Walmart
Kitchen pail liners: Brands available
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Al-Pack Compostable
  • 9.8 L Mini Food Waste Bags
  • 46.5 L Tall bin liner
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Giant Value
  • Small liner bag
  • Tall compostable bag
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Bag to Earth
  • Small lined paper bag
  • Large lined paper bag
  • Large lined paper bag
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Great Value
  • 7.5 L Small bin liner
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Bag to Nature
  • Leaf and yard waste bag (extra large)
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Glad Compostable OdourShield
  • 9.84 L small quick tie
  • Tall compostable bag
  • Compostable lawn and leaf bag
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Biosak
  • Small liner bag
  • Tall compostable bag
  • Yard waste bag
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Green lid
  • Compostable compost bin
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Compliments Green Care
  • Small lined kitchen food waste bag (tie handles)
  • Tall compostable bag (tie handles)
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Hercules
  • 7.5 L standard food waste bags
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Ecosafe
  • Yard and garden bags
Kitchen pail liners:
  • LEAF kitchen bags
  • Small kitchen bag
  • Tall kitchen bag
Kitchen pail liners:
  • If You Care
  • 11.4 L Food waste bags
  • 49.2 L Tall kitchen bags
Kitchen pail liners:
  • No name
  • Kitchen bags
Kitchen pail liners:
  • Frank
  • 7.5 L Small waste bags
  • 46.5 L Tall waste bags

beyondGREEN biotech

  • beyondGREEN biotech
  • 3 gallon liner bags
  • 5 gallon liner bags



Extra kitchen compost pails

Put indoor compost pails in other rooms in your home beyond the kitchen – wherever you have a garbage bin, add an extra compost pail to make it easy to compost foods scraps.

You can purchase compost bins at hardware and big box stores like Canadian Tire, London Drugs, Lowes and Home Depot.

You can also reuse any container with a lid like an ice cream bucket.

The City of Calgary does not provide replacement kitchen pails.


2. Flyers and Newspapers

Follow our quick kitchen pail liner guide to make a flyer/newspaper liner at home. For best results, use 3-4 sheets of large newsprint. The newspaper along with the food waste can go directly into the green cart.

Unacceptable liner bags

The following bags are not accepted in the Green Cart program:

No plastic bags

Plastic bags interfere with the composting process​ and break down into small pieces of plastic that will contaminate the finished compost.

NOTE: Bags labelled as biodegradable and oxo-degradable are also made from plastic and do not belong in the green cart.​​​​​​​​​​

No Plastic bags in the green cart