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How to donate leftover scrap fabric, yarn and thread

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  How to donate leftover scrap fabric, yarn and thread

Scrap fabric, yarn and thread

Scrap fabric and yarn

Small pieces of fabric, yarn or thread

Put small pieces of fabric, yarn and thread in your black cart as garbage.

Clothing and textile recycling at City landfills

Take scrap fabric, yarn and thread to any City landfill for free textile recycling. Textile Throw 'N' Go bins accept used, damaged and scrap pieces.

Special instructions

  • Remove spools and put them in your black cart as garbage.
  • Place items inside a bag before dropping off at the landfill. This helps keeps the textiles dry and makes it easier to collect.
  • If you bring other garbage in your load, landfill charges will apply.

Why can’t yarn and thread be composted?

  • Many textiles are made of a mix of organic and synthetic fibres that will contaminate the finished compost.
  • These manufactured products will not break down properly during the composting process.

Landfill locations listed below:

What happens to the clothing and textiles brought to the City Throw 'n' Go?

The clothing and textiles collected are donated, reused or recycled depending on their condition.

  • Any reusable clothing is sent for resale to retailers internationally.
  • If the item isn't reusable, it will be recycled instead. Textile recyclers turn old clothing, shoes, linens and fabrics into new products. Materials are sorted, cleaned and can be turned into wiping rags or shredded down for upholstery stuffing or fiber recycling.

All dropped-off clothing and textiles are organized by Clothing for a Cause.

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Author: City of Calgary
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