9 Avenue N. station


Centre Street N. between 9 Avenue and 7 Avenue N.

Station Type

Ground level

LRT Platform Type

Side loading

Transit Connections

  • Local routes

Transit Amenities

  • On-street bus stops
  • Heated waiting areas
  • Bike parking

What's Nearby?

  • Rotary Park
  • McHugh Bluffs
  • City of Calgary Emergency Operations Centre
  • Crescent Heights High School
  • North Hill Curling Club

About the station

Located in the community of Crescent Heights, this station will provide direct connections to local shops, restaurants, services and Crescent Heights High School. The station is envisioned to be a smaller community station that can be accommodated within the project budget and designed to fit within the context of the neighbourhood.

It also allows people to connect with local parks and pathways including Rotary Park and McHugh Bluffs.

Long-term vision

This station will stimulate future Transit Oriented Development (TOD) along the south end of the Centre Street corridor. Neighbourhoods in the area will also change over time with:

  • improvements to public spaces on Centre Street (wider sidewalks, trees, planters, bike racks, benches, etc.)
  • new neighbourhood pocket parks with traffic calming measures (e.g. speed bumps)
  • potential redevelopment of residential and commercial properties

In 2016, Green Line worked with the community and developer stakeholders to create a Crescent Heights/Tuxedo Park Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Concept Plan. Highlights of the plan included:

  • Focusing development on Centre St N. and 16 Ave N.W./N.E.
  • Supporting neighbourhood character
  • Increasing connectivity to the open space network
  • Enhancing conditions for future street character

See the Green Line Vision Report 2017 – pages 84-89

The TOD concept plan fed into further development of the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan. In 2018 public engagement on this plan started, and it was approved in June 2021.

New development around Green Line stations 

A new LRT station will spur development in this area. For a list of current planning applications near this station view The City's Development Map. Green Line works closely with the Planning & Development department on land use and development near future LRT stations. For more information visit Building, Planning & Business.

Population, jobs and ridership within a 10 minute walk/800 m

  • 2018
    • Population: 6,000
    • Jobs: 3,800
    • Ridership: 0
  • 2028
    • Population: 6,600
    • Jobs: 4,300
    • Ridership: 2,100
  • 2048
    • Population: 10,400
    • Jobs: 5,100
    • Ridership: 3,200