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April 2021 Green Line LRT Project Update

Get a sneak peek of updated plans for segment 2 projects at an upcoming virtual event

Since October 2020, we’ve hosted virtual public engagement on key project areas in segment 2 of the Green Line LRT project, including Planning in Crescent Heights, Bow River LRT bridge and the North Central Mobility & Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Studies.

The feedback we received from you during the first two phases of engagement was used by the project teams to help shape and refine functional plans for each of these project areas. Now, during the final “Inform” phase of engagement from April 15 to 22, 2021, we’ll be giving you the first look at the plans and recommendations that will be presented to the Green Line Committee this spring.

Attend a virtual presentation or drop-in session

From April 15– 22, 2021, join us at a virtual presentation to learn more about updated project plans & recommendations and connect with members of the Green Line team.

Individual sessions will be offered for each segment 2 project are:

  • Segment 2A functional planning (Downtown/Beltline area)
  • Planning in Crescent Heights (Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street North & Crescent Heights Mobility Study)
  • Bow River LRT bridge
  • North Central Mobility & BRT Studies

Two general, informal drop-in sessions will also be held, as an opportunity to connect with members of each project team and ask questions.

For accessibility assistance with engagement participation, please call 311. For TTY services: 403-268-4TTY

Information session details

1. Downtown/Beltline (segment 2A functional planning)

Learn about updates to the functional plan, including recommendations for the Green Line LRT tunnel alignment from the Elbow River to the 2 Avenue S.W. station. Updated concepts and recommendations will be presented.

  • Thursday, April 15, 6:30 – 8 p.m. – Sign up here
  • Session will include a presentation and opportunity to ask questions

2. Planning in Crescent Heights
Learn about the updated Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street North as well as final recommendations from the Crescent Heights Mobility Study. Updated plans and visual renderings will be shown.

  • Monday, April 19, 6:30 – 8 p.m. – Sign up here
  • Session will include a presentation and opportunity to ask questions

3. Bow River LRT bridge

Learn about progress on the Bow River LRT bridge and area pathways, as the project team presents refined plans. Information regarding how the bridge will integrate into the Eau Claire area will also be presented at this session.

  • Tuesday, April 20, 6:30 – 8 p.m. – Sign up here
  • Session will include a presentation and opportunity to ask questions

4. North Central Mobility & Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Studies

Learn about final recommendations for mobility and BRT improvements in north central Calgary. Updated plans will be presented.

  • Wednesday, April 21, 6 – 7:15 p.m. – Sign up here
  • Session will include a presentation and opportunity to ask questions

Drop-in session details

Connect with members of the Green Line project team to learn about updated plans and ask questions. These are identical drop-in events with no formal schedule, participants may join at any time during the session.  

  • Friday, April 16, 2021, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Sign up here
  • Thursday, April 22, 2021, 6 – 8 p.m. – Sign up here
  • No formal presentation; join at any time to ask questions

Project overview

Planning in the Beltline & downtown (segment 2A)
Segment 2A runs underground through the Beltline and downtown Calgary, from the Elbow River to 2 Avenue S. Key focus areas in planning this segment include refining the alignment and curve of the underground tunnel from 2 Street S.W. to 11 Avenue S., as well as working with landowners to explore opportunities for station entrance integration into current or future developments – including as part of the future redevelopment of the Eau Claire Market site.

Planning in Crescent Heights
Green Line will change the current function of Centre Street N. from a street that prioritizes traffic movement, to one that prioritizes transit and pedestrian movement first.

Streetscape Master Plan for Centre Street North
A streetscape master plan is an overall guiding document that will help us determine how Centre Street North will look and feel in the future. The master plan considers mobility, accessibility, safety and comfort and how the street can be green and healthy. It will explore how elements such as sidewalks, trees, landscaping, lighting, site furnishings and other street features can work together to improve the pedestrian experience. It also explores opportunities to create vibrant places in the community that promotes social connections and supports the economic vitality of businesses and future development.

The boundary for the Centre Street North Streetscape Master Plan extends from 17 Avenue N. to the north end of the Centre Street Bridge.

Crescent Heights Mobility Study
The Green Line LRT running along the surface of Centre Street N. will change how people move through the community and access businesses along the corridor. The Crescent Heights Mobility Study aims to understand:

  • how Green Line will change pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle movement along and across Centre Street N.;
  • how Green Line affects the availability of short-term parking spaces, which are important to support local businesses; and
  • what strategies can be implemented to address the changes to mobility and parking in the community.

Through the Crescent Heights Mobility Study, we are looking at efficient ways to continue to provide community access, discourage cut-through traffic and continue to provide access to businesses along Centre Street N.

Bow River LRT bridge
The new Bow River LRT bridge will change Calgary’s landscape as the bridge crosses the Bow River and Prince’s Island to connect Centre Street N. to Eau Claire. It will connect our city in an entirely new way, changing how we move from south to north, providing new opportunities for transit, cycling and pedestrians, and connecting people and communities. Through this project, we are planning the form and features of the new Bow River bridge.

North Central Mobility Study
A mobility study reviews the safety, connectivity and efficiency of the transportation network. With the addition of the Green Line LRT and North Central BRT, Calgarians are going to move differently throughout Calgary. This study is being conducted to understand how travel patterns may change as a result of future Green Line operations and BRT services.

North Central BRT Study

As Green Line leaves downtown and crosses the Bow River to 16 Avenue N. in the first stage of construction, we know that communities to the north must connect to the transit network and that bus service will need to adapt to the new LRT line. The study will consider improvements from downtown along the existing Centre Street N. and Harvest Hills Boulevard route to 160 Avenue N.

Project details – what we heard

During the first two phases of engagement, some of the themes we heard from you included a desire for an enhanced Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, concerns about the mobility network in the future, strong desire for a vibrant and walkable Centre Street North and concerns about impacts within Crescent Heights. We also received a mix of visions for the Bow River LRT bridge that incorporates convenient access and viewpoints, while being designed in an environmentally sensitive way. 

Visit the Engage Portal to view What We Heard reports for the first two phases of engagement.