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Green Line Community Feature - Ogden Signage

With construction work on 72nd and 78th Avenue in Ogden, the Green Line team recognized an opportunity to involve the children living and going to school near the site in our safety messaging. To achieve this, members of the Community Relations and Safety team visited Ogden elementary schools to host safety assemblies and organized a poster contest to promote construction safety and encourage safe practices around construction zones.

The safety assemblies were designed to be interactive and informative, with the Community Relations team sharing crucial information about construction safety and how to remain safe near construction sites. The poster contest provided a creative platform for children to develop their own safety messages and consider the importance of construction safety. The team observed inspiring ideas and instances of children taking responsibility for their safety throughout the contest and assemblies.

The winning entries from the poster contest are now proudly displayed on the safety fencing of the 72nd construction site, serving as a powerful reminder for everyone to prioritize safety around construction zones. The artwork featured captivating and imaginative messages such as "Stay Alert, Stay Safe" and "Construction Zone Ahead, Slow Down."

It is crucial for children to comprehend the potential hazards of construction sites and learn how to protect themselves. Through their efforts in organizing safety assemblies and the poster contest, the Green Line team made a positive impact on the community, ensuring that the children are well-informed about staying safe around construction zones.

The active participation of children in generating innovative safety ideas during the contest and assemblies is truly heartening. The display of the winning artwork on the safety fencing of the site at 72 Avenue serves as a constant reminder for everyone passing by to prioritize safety around construction zones.

It is vital for everyone to prioritize safety around construction sites, and the Green Line team has played a commendable role in equipping the children of Ogden with this knowledge. Visit the construction site to see the artwork.

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