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Demolition of Lilydale factory in progress to make way for Green Line LRT

Aerial view of Lilydale poultry factory prior to demolition.

Demolition of the Lilydale poultry factory has begun, which marks an exciting new phase for both Green Line and the community of Ramsay. This is the first major piece of construction work in Ramsay to prepare for the Green Line LRT, making the project real and tangible for residents.

Green Line hosted a community event on November 8 for residents to watch the first wall get torn down and celebrate with coffee and cupcakes. A crowd gathered to bid farewell to the controversial poultry processing plant and share their excitement for the changes to come in their community.

Ramsay residents can expect to see continued demolition on-site through the remainder of 2023. A slow demolition process is required to prevent the spread of contaminants and dust in the community, and to allow materials to be salvaged for recycling.

Community members gather to watch demolition at the Lilydale poultry factory.
Community members gather to watch demolition at the Lilydale poultry factory.

Once the building is demolished and the site is cleared, it will be prepped to be used during construction of the Green Line LRT. A start date for construction of the stations and tracks has not yet been finalized, but the construction schedule is expected to be released in 2024.

What the future holds for the site of the former Lilydale factory after Green Line construction is completed is still unknown, but opportunities are expected to include a mix of commercial and residential buildings.

The plan for the Green Line in Ramsay is to roughly to follow the existing CPKC rail lines along the east and north sides of the community. Ramsay/Inglewood Station will be located near 11 Street S.E. where the CPKC rail bridge crosses 12 Street S.E. Details about the exact station location and design will be available in 2024 as Green Line finalizes negotiations with Bow Transit Connectors, the contractor that is building Phase 1 of the project from Shepard to Eau Claire.

Green Line’s project momentum is gaining quickly now, with preparation works also occurring in OgdenDowntown and the Beltline. Next year it’s expected that Eau Claire market will be demolished and main construction of stations, tracks, bridges and tunnels will begin. 

Map of Lilydale poultry factory in relation to Ramsay/Inglewood Station.