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Green Line LRT Project

Building the Green Line

Stage 1 construction

Stage 1, which was approved on June 16, 2020, includes track and stations from 16 Avenue N. to Shepard (126 Avenue S.E.), including BRT improvements in North Central Calgary and a Maintenance and Facility Station at Shepard. 

Opening day benefits of stage 1 construction:

2027 Green Line Stage 1 opening day

  • Carry 60,000 to 65,000 Calgarians.
  • Serve all Calgarians by connecting to major activity, employment and industrial centres outside the downtown core (Quarry Park, Douglas Glen, South Hill) and many existing community services such as recreation centres, parks and libraries.
  • Connect over 2,300 existing affordable housing units.
  • Support business and employee travel choices for 191,000 existing jobs.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by 30,000 tonnes, the equivalent of 6,000 vehicles being taken off the road on opening day.

Construction on the first 20 km is anticipated to begin in 2021, and will extend from 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue SE (Shepard). This first stage of construction is expected to be complete by 2027

Stage 1 will feature:

  • 20 km of LRT track
  • 15 stations
  • 1 km of elevated track between Inglewood/Ramsay to 26 Avenue stations
  • 3 park and ride facilities with a total of 1800 - 1900 stalls (Lynnwood/Millican, Douglas Glen, and Shepard)
  • 1 light rail vehicle (LRV) Maintenance and Storage Facility north of 126 Avenue SE (Shepard)
  • Approximately 40-45 low floor vehicles, each 40 metres long
  • $4.903 billion capital construction cost
  • Construction of the Green Line will create approximately 20,000 jobs

Construction staging

2021 Construction of Segment 1 starts - Ramsay / Inglewood to Shepard

Construction of tracks and stations for segment 1, Ramsay / Inglewood to Shepard, will begin in 2021. Request for Proposals (RFP) for this segment was released to market on July 24, 2020.

2022 Construction of Segment 2 starts - 16 Avenue N to 4 Street S.E.

Construction of tracks and stations for segment 2a, 2 Street S.W. to 4 Street S.E. will begin in 2022. Construction of tracks and stations for segment 2b, 16 Ave N. to 2 Street S.W. will begin in 2024.

2027 Green Line Stage 1 opens

Construction of Stage 1 of the Green Line is expected to be completed in 2027. An opening day for the Green Line will be announced as construction progresses.

Stage 1 Construction Highlights (2027 Green Line Stage 1 opening day):

  • 15 new stations from 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue S.E. (Shepard)
  • North Central BRT improvements between 160 Avenue N and 16 Avenue N.
  • Three segments of construction:
    • Segment 1:  Inglewood Ramsay to Shepard (126 Avenue S.E)
    • Segment 2a: 2 Street S.W. to 4 Street S.E.
    • Segment 2b: 16 Ave N. to 2 Street S.W.
  • Frequency: Every 10 minutes, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ride Time: 37 minutes (16 Avenue N - Shepard S.E.)
  • Capital Construction Cost: $4.903B
  • Construction start date: 2021
  • Estimated completion date: 2027

Future stages

In total, the Green Line will be 46 kilometres of Light Rail Transit (LRT) from 160 Avenue N to Seton in the southeast. This line will almost double the existing LRT network. A project of this size cannot be built all at once. Much like the Red and Blue Lines, the Green Line will be built in stages.

Once the first stage is complete, the line will be expanded incrementally to the north and southeast as additional funds become available. 

Land aquisitions

Information for property owners

Property owners that could be impacted by the future Green Line LRT route have been contacted by The City through a series of letters since March 2016. Future stages projects are in an early design stage and exact property impacts are still being refined. In most cases only a portion of a property will be required to accommodate the Green Line, however there are some instances where a full property will be required. As we move along in the design phase these property impacts will become clearer.

Read our FAQ for more information on the property acquisition process for Green Line. 

Approved in 2017, The Green Line LRT extends from 160 Avenue N. to Seton S.E. and will provide improved mobility options for Calgarians in the north and southeast of the city.

This $4.9B investment in our City will be built in stages as funding becomes available. Stage 1 will begin construction in 2021.