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Where do I put foam packaging (green cell foam,polystyrene, styrofoam, EPE, EPS)?

Black cart disposal

You can put all types of foam in your black cart as garbage

Special instructions

  • Put foam into a garbage bag to keep it from blowing away during collection/disposal.

Why can’t foam packaging go in the blue or green cart?

  • Foam packaging cannot be recycled in the blue cart. Foam products are too light for the sorting machines to sort during the recycling process and ends up contaminating the other recyclables. 
  • They also contain plastic which doesn't break down during composting and will contaminate the finished compost. Starch foam such as Green Cell or any other compostable/biodegradable foam sheets/peanuts are not accepted in the Green Cart Program. Please put them in the black cart.

Foam Packaging Recycling Pilot - City landfills

Beginning May 13, you can also take certain types of foam packaging to a City landfill for recycling. 

Acceptable foam packaging

Expanded polystyrene foam including:

  • Foam packaging (like what new electronics are protected with in the box)
  • Foam egg cartons
  • Foam meat trays
  • Foam take-out containers and cups

No black polystyrene foam. White and coloured foam is acceptable.

Special instructions

  • All tape and labels on foam shipping packaging must be removed.
  • Foam such as meat trays (absorbent pads must be removed) or take-out containers must be clean, with no food residue.
  • If you take foam packaging to a landfill and bring other garbage in your load,  landfill charges will apply.
  • Do NOT put foam packaging in your blue cart as these items cannot be sorted and end up contaminating the other recyclables. 

Businesses who generate foam as part of their operational waste can contact Styro-Go directly to inquire about recycling.

City landfill locations

Polystyrene foam