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Urban Development Online services

Exciting changes to Urban Development Online

As a part of The City’s ongoing commitment to provide a more transparent, centralized and efficient financial and security information system for our customers, we are pleased to announce the release of two new online enhancements.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Development Agreement status

Effective Tuesday April 24, customers will now be able to see the closed status of their Development Agreements that have been closed online using UDO. Currently, this is completed in the internal UDBIS system and through Construction Completion Certificate and Final Acceptance Certificate (CCC and FAC). This new process will provide customers with filtering on open vs. closed agreements and internal staff more efficient and accurate reporting.

Financial tab

Effective Wednesday May 2, The City will have the ability to create deposit and repayment invoicing through Urban Development Online Financial Management (UDOFM). This change will eliminate manual billing which, in the past, has been cumbersome and time consuming for City staff. Online invoicing will allow The City to address our customers questions about their payments, in a more timely manner. This information on amounts owing and status of payments will be available on the new Finance tab coming soon.

Construction Completion Certificate and Final Acceptance Certificate tab

Effective Thursday May 10, customers will see a new tab on Urban Development Online (UDO) which displays the information they need to know for their Construction Completion Certificate and Final Acceptance Certificate (CCC and FAC). This tab offers 24-hour access and has all development agreement information in one place / system for staff and customers. This new platform will consolidate internal systems, and provide a more comprehensive and stable experience for both customers and staff.

Special clauses tab

Effective Thursday May 10, the Special Clauses tab on Urban Development Online (UDO) will be improved so customers will only see the special clauses relevant to the year of their agreement Previously, applicants were able to see all years, this was cumbersome and confusing. This new filter will provide clarity, certainty and consistency and will ensure the correct clauses are available to customers and that they accurately reflected the department role and signing authority.

File manager information

Effective Thursday May 10, applicants will see their file managers contact information displayed in the Development Agreement search results. To improve customer service, the file managers information will be visible and available in the tab header. Applicants can easily confirm who the file manager is and contact them with questions or concerns about their application.

Online enhancements through the UDO project are ongoing, several updates will be released over the coming months. The City will share these exciting improvements as they become available.

Development Agreements online

The way to request a development agreement has changed - this service is now online for your convenience. There are a couple of simple steps to follow before you are able to request development agreements online.

  • Step one: Ensure you have submitted construction drawings and have a Subdivision Application or a Development Permit, in order to request a development agreement.
  • Step two: Go to Once logged into the system using your current VISTA account login information, click the link to Development Agreements online. If you do not have a VISTA account, create a VISTA account.

Training resources

Click on a topic area below to access Urban Development Online (UDO) training guides:

UDO training guides
General user guide Infrastructure tab
Log in information Special clauses tab
Area tab Submit tab
Assessment tab Title Block - 8.5 x 11
Attachments tab Title Block - 11 x 17
Details tab Performance Security Reduction training video

If you require additional support with using the UDO system, please contact Subdivision Development at

Electronic submission of subdivision construction drawings

We have moved to electronic circulation and submission of subdivision construction drawings. This replaces the current manual process of circulating, managing and approving hard copies of subdivision construction drawings.

This new process should:

  • reduce overall circulation time for construction drawing review
  • improve collaboration with City staff
  • eliminate the manual comment transfer process
  • reduce printing and courier costs

The change will affect new preliminary drawings and subsequent submissions. Projects that are currently in the system as hard copies will finish their lifecycle as is.

You can submit drawings online using your existing VISTA account at If you do not have a VISTA account, create a VISTA account.

To find out what you need to submit online, Complete Application Requirement List (CARL). Please note: if submission does not meet minimum requirements defined in the CARL, the application will be rejected.

For more information:

CCC-FAC Tracking tool

Calgary Approvals Coordination Completion Certificate and Final Acceptance Certificate (CCC-FAC) Tracking System is accessed through a password-protected account and accounts are restricted to authorized developers and their consultants.

For further information or to request an account, please contact Subdivision Development at or 403-268-5777.

Requirements and processes related to the Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) and Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) are outlined in detail with the Consulting Engineer's Field Services guidelines.

Continue to check for updates and new online releases slated for the future.​​​​​​​​​​​

Learn more about the CCC-FAC Tracking tool​