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Off-site levy

Off-site levy

We’re enabling growth and development to build a great Calgary. That includes partnerships and funding tools that help pay for new services, like water and sanitary trunks, roads, libraries and fire halls in our existing and new communities.

Off-site levy

The Off-site Levy and Centre City Levy annual reports below provide information on levies collected and spent, along with any remaining balances available for future capital investment.

  • water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure
  • recreation centres
  • roads
  • libraries
  • fire halls
  • police stations

Developers pay for the share of the off-site infrastructure that benefits new residents and The City pays for the share that benefits existing residents and the region.

Levies help build great communities by creating a long-term strategy for funding infrastructure that enables growth and implements Council’s growth and change strategies.

The off-site levy is currently under review and is anticipated to be complete in 2022.

Centre City levy

The Centre City levy supports growth, quality of life and resiliency in the Centre City Plan Area. The levy consists of two components:

  1. The utility portion through the Centre City Levy Bylaw (Bylaw 38M2009).
  2. The voluntary community services portion under Council resolution (as per report LPT2010-03).

On Feb. 8, 2010, through report LPT2010-03 the Centre City levy rates were adjusted to the current rates.

Levy funds may be used towards the following:

  • All or part of the capital costs of the construction, upgrading and replacement of water and sanitary sewer mains required for or impacted by a proposed subdivision or development in the Centre City Plan Area.
  • Community or recreation infrastructure (Transit, Fire, Police, recreational facilities, and library facilities).
  • Active transportation infrastructure (pedestrian overpasses and underpasses, bikeways, and sidewalks).
  • Upgrading local parks, regional pathways, and regional parks.
  • The 13 Avenue Greenway.

Levy rates

Rates are applied when development agreements or development permits (DP) are signed or approved. Rates are increased on January 1 each year.

Paying off-site levies

Developers pay levies in installments over three years. Payment of the levy begins one year after the date of execution of a development agreement.

A levy can be paid in one of two ways:

  1. Prior to the release of a development permit (DP).
  2. Prior to the release of a development completion permit (DCP). This option requires the landowner to enter into an off-site levy agreement prior to release of the DP.

An off-site levy payment form is provided after the DP is approved and needs to be completed and submitted with the applicable levy payment.

Annual reports

Learn more about levies

Through the Municipal Government Act (MGA), The City can set an off-site levy bylaw.

The bylaw was unanimously approved by City Council on Jan. 11, 2016 and amended on Dec. 31, 2019. We conducted thorough stakeholder consultation with members of the land development and home building industry to ensure a transparent and fair process in developing the new bylaw.

Levy updates

Some of the required infrastructure to support new communities was not included in the 2016 bylaw. The following amendments were necessary to ensure a funding source exists for the new infrastructure.

  • Nov. 12, 2018 - Council approved an amendment (Bylaw 41M2018) to incorporate the developer’s proportionate share of the cost of off-site transportation and utility infrastructure attributable to the new communities previously approved by Council.
  • Dec. 31, 2018 - The proposed amendments came into effect
  • Oct. 21, 2019 - Council approved an amendment to include the Community Services charges, as outlined in Schedule C to Bylaw 2M2016. This amendment was a legislative requirement from the City Charter.
  • Dec. 31, 2019 - The approved amendments came into effect.

Payment relief program

In July 2020, Council approved the off-site levy payment relief program to provide further support to businesses and the development and building industry during COVID-19. The program is now closed. For more information please visit the fee relief section on our service changes page.


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