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This information is for residential and commercial ​projects that require building demolition or removal.


Step 1: Review the rules and fees for your project

When is a permit required?​

A demolition permit is required whenever you are demolishing or moving a building from a site. This can include a partial building demolition as well as reducing a building to its foundation and rebuilding. In most cases, a demolition permit is not required for the removal of a detached residential garage

Interior commercial or interior residential demolitions require a building permit instead of a demolition permit.


​​ ​Building Safety Approval - Building Permit
Building Safety Approval - Building Permit: ​Demolishing or moving a building​ undefined: ​​Please use the Building permit fee calculator - Demolition​ to estimate your fee.


Online submissions – deposit process

For online submissions with large permit costs, there is a deposit process in place that limits the amount paid online. For building permit fees over $10,000, only 25% of the base permit fee will be charged as an initial deposit, up to a maximum of $10,000. The remaining total building permit fee must be paid prior to permit issuance. In order to pay the remaining total please choose one of the following payment methods and reference your permit number:

By Phone (only available by credit card):

In order to make payment over the phone by credit card please call 403-268-5311.

By Mail (only available for cheques):

The City of Calgary
Attention: Planning Cashiers- 8108
Calgary, AB  T2P 2M5

By Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

If you would like to pay by Electronic Funds Transfer you will select the payment option upon application. No fees will be processed at the time of the application intake. The Planning Cash Office will contact you the next business day and provide you with instructions to complete the EFT payment.​​​​

​Additional information

Utility disconnection

Determine which utilities will be disconnected. For the water, electrical, and gas utilities a separate approval signature is required on your service disconnect request form. For more information regarding the various utilities’ procedures and applicable fees, please contact that particular utility office.

Doing work to a building that requires shut-offs with no demolition planned requires calling each individual utility provider to ask for their services to be disconnected. If only the services will be shut off, no demolition permit is required.

For your convenience you can also view these steps in the Demolition Permit Guide​.

Asbestos removal requirements

As a part of the demolition application, the applicant must submit the Asbestos Abatement Form​ prior to starting demolition. Before demolition, the building must be inspected by a professional asbestos removal company. The applicant must either obtain confirmation that there is no asbestos or have the asbestos professionally removed.

Visit the government of Alberta’s website for information about Occupational Health and Safety.​

Tree protection policy

You must submit a Public Tree Disclosure Statement with your application regardless of the proximity of public trees to your demolition site.

Tree protection during demolition is important, as often times injured trees will not show signs of decline until as late as 10 years after the damage. A tree protection plan is required when a public tree is within six meters of the demolition. If you do not have a public tree within six meters of the site, please indicate ‘No’ on the Public Tree Disclosure Statement​.

For more information about tree protection plans, visit​

Heritage designation

All demolition and moving applications will be reviewed by a heritage planner. This review occurs after the application has been submitted and must be approved prior to being issued.​

Construction site contact information sign

A construction site contact information sign must be attached to the security fence and visible from the street. If you do not have your own sign, The City can provide one after issuing the demolition permit at the Planning Services Centre. The sign must be posted any time a construction activity, including demolition, poses a potential public hazard. The property owner is required to ensure public safety around the construction site.​

Demolishing a detached garage

If you are demolishing a detached garage or accessory buildings over 10 square meters in addition to the main building, you must include it on the site plan and in the demolition area calculations. The property assessment and property taxes will be impacted.

If you are demolishing only a detached residential garage:

A demolition permit is only required for removing detached residential garages and accessory residential buildings that are over 10 square metres if:

  • The garage or accessory building is independently serviced, or
  • The garage or accessory building has the primary utility meters/connections for the residence.

You do not require a demolition permit for detached residential garages and accessory residential building if:

  • The garage or accessory building has no utility services, or
  • The garage or accessory building will be demolished and replaced with another garage or accessory building (the demolition of the existing structure is included in the permit for the new structure).

If you are only demolishing a detached residential garage and not replacing it with another garage, contact Property Assessment.



Step 2: Prepare your application

Utility Disconnection

Review the checklist and determine which utilities require disconnection. Follow the Utility disconnection inst​ructions and obtain the required signatures for water, electrical and gas services on your Service Disconnection Request Form before applying. The time it takes to receive each signature depends on each utility provider.

See all Water Service Disconnection Changes effective July 2021.

Prepare your application

To prepare your application, complete the remainder of the demolition checklist.

All applicants are required to fill out an asbestos abatement form regardless of when the building was constructed. All applicants must also fill out a public tree disclosure form whether or not public trees are nearby.


Step 3: Apply

Apply online​​

In order to get started, create a myID account.

​​​​Create a myID account​​

Businesses can register for a myID business account. A business account is intended for myID services to be submitted on behalf of a business or organization. Please follow the steps outlined on the myID business account page.

In person
Once you have gathered all required documents, you can apply for your permit in person by visiting the Planning Services Centre. To skip the line, book an appointment.


Step 4: Inspections and managing your permit application

  • Visit Inspections for information about inspection bookings, inspection outcomes, inspection types and more.
  • Visit Manage your permit application for information on how to revise, cancel, and alter your permit.


Planning Services Centre

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