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Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP)

The Calgary Transportation plan is a long-range plan that provides policy direction for how we will deliver transportation options to Calgarians for the next 60 years.

Our transportation system must provide realistic choices for transportation that are convenient, affordable and attractive. This includes walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling and driving a single occupant vehicle.

By planning for the future, The City can:

  • Continue to improve our service in existing, new and developing communities
  • Help the movement of people and goods throughout the city
  • Enhance Calgarians' safety on roads
  • Strive to make walking, cycling and public transit a better option for more Calgarians

Contributing to the Plan It Calgary vision

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) help us plan a city for 2 million people. They form an integrated land use and mobility plan that guides our current decision-making. Decisions made using these plans shape how we develop Calgary's land and the way that people move in our city. Council approved both plans on September 28, 2009.

The plans work together to provide key strategic policy to guide growth, mobility and city building over a 60-year period.

Our city has grown and changed since these plans were developed and approved. We began reviewing them in 2019 to see what’s working well and contributing to the quality of life that many Calgarians enjoy. It identified the policies that needed to be updated or changed to continue making Calgary a place where people can make a great life and a great living. 

The 2020 MDP and CTP were approved by Council on November 2, 2020. The first reading of the bylaw also took place. The plans will now be reviewed by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board for alignment with the Interim Growth Plan.  After this review, they will return to Council in early 2021 for the second and third reading of the bylaw. The 2020 MDP and CTP will not go into effect until after the third reading of the bylaw.

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2018 Progress Report

​City Administration reports on the progress made towards The City's 60-year goals every four years.​

One Calgary – A City That Moves

The Transportation department contributes to a range of public services such as parking, public transit, streets and sidewalks and pathways.

Transportation Plans, Policies and Strategies

Transportation has several plans, studies, strategies and services in place that help guide our actions and improve our service offering for both short-term and long-term planning.