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Calgary's Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

Next 20: making life better

Planning for Calgary's next 20 years

Calgary's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is our vision for how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. Calgary is expected to grow by another 1.3 million people over that time, so it is important to plan for our future.

Adopted by Council in 2009, the MDP aims to build a city where Calgarians can choose from a variety of housing types in numerous unique communities. It works together with the Calgary Transportation Plan to provide multiple transportation options so all Calgarians - whether travelling by car, bike, transit or foot - are able to travel safely and conveniently.

It strives to create an environment where The City can provide services that Calgarians desire in a way that is financially sustainable, while protecting our natural environment and supporting a prosperous economy.


The Making of the MDP

The process to create the Municipal Development Plan started in 2005 when over 18,000 Calgarians participated in imagineCALGARY to create a shared vision for our city. The result was the imagineCALGARY Plan.

In 2007, Council asked The City to create integrated plans for the future of transportation and land use. The City then engaged over 6,000 Calgarians to shape the vision for these plans. The goal was to set out a long-term direction for sustainable growth that would accommodate another 1.3 million people over the next 60 years. The process was grounded in smart growth principles and Council's sustainability principles for land use and mobility.

During the engagement process, Calgarians spoke of the need for a more sustainable city that provides a high quality of life, high quality living environments and convenient means to get around.

The MDP and CTP form an integrated land use and mobility plan that guides our current decision-making. Decisions made using these plans shape how we develop Calgary’s land and the way that people move in our city. Council approved both plans on September 28, 2009.

Our city has grown and changed since these plans were developed and approved. We began reviewing them in 2019 to see what’s working well and contributing to the quality of life that many Calgarians enjoy. It identified the policies that needed to be updated or changed to continue making Calgary a place where people can make a great life and a great living.

The 2020 MDP and CTP were approved by Council on November 2, 2020. The first reading of the bylaw also took place. The plans will now be reviewed by the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board for alignment with the Interim Growth Plan.  After this review, they will return to Council in early 2021 for the second and third reading of the bylaw. The 2020 MDP and CTP will not go into effect until after the third reading of the bylaw.

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