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Calgary Approvals Coordination bulletins

Version date Document
Version date: 2021 September Design Guidelines for Subdivision Servicing - Interim Updated Cross Sections
Version date: 2021 March Document: Street Light Design Guidelines – what you need to know
Version date: 2020 November Document: Development Agreement – Application Requirements  
Version date: 2020 October Document: Residential Street Design Cross Section Update  
Version date: 2020 June Document: Surety Bond for Indemnification and Shoring Agreements  
Version date: 2020 May Document: Revision to Sewer As-Built Submission and Approval Process  
Version date: 2020 April  Document: Oversize Boundary Calculations Submission and processing
Version date: 2020 April Document: Delays in System Updates: UDO (Urban Development Online)
Version date: 2020 March Document: Process Update for Submission / Approval of Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) and Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC)
Version date: 2020 March Document: New Tiering and Securities Framework revisions for 2020
Version date: 2019 December  Document: Block Profile Standards update
Version date: 2019 September Document: New Development Agreement coming in 2020
Version date: 2019 July Document: 2019 As-Built Approval Process
Version date: 2019 May Document: Developer Surety Bonds – Transitioning Letters of Credit
Version date: 2019 May Document: 2019 Development Agreement Approved
Version date: 2018 February Document: Electronic Building Permit release
Version date: 2018 January Document: Erosion and Sediment Control Document Survey Follow-up, Workshops and Implementation Timelines
Version date: 2017 June Document: Changes to water certificate inspection schedule
Version date: 2017 May Document: Parks Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) submission process changes
Version date: 2017 May Document: Water resources, infrastructure planning industry contacts
Version date: 2017 March Document: Subdivision contacts by area - 2017
Version date: 2017 March Document: Changes to Invoicing
Version date: 2017 January Document: DA Combined Storm Target Update
Version date: 2017 January Document: Test Manhole and DSSP Submission Process Update
Version date: 2016 December Document: December Calgary Approvals Coordination Forum
Version date: 2016 May Document: Infrastructure Planning Poseidononline Go Live Date - May 30, 2016
Version date: 2016 January Document: Water Resources - Revision To Erosion And Sediment Control Report And Drawings Submission Process

Archived bulletins

​Version date ​Document
Version date: ​2015 December Document: Water Resources Industry Bulletin: Water Main Flushing and De-Chlorination
Version date: ​2015 November Document: Water Resources/Water Services - Low Impact Development Modules update​
Version date: ​2015 October Document: Stormwater Volume Control Targets Update
Version date: ​2015 October Document: Residential Street Design Policy - revised CCC/FAC Procedure
Version date: ​2015 June Document: Water Resources, Development Approvals - Subdivision Stormwater Management Report Resubmit Process
Version date: ​2015 April Document: Water Resources Development Approval Submission Process Update
Version date: ​2015 March Document: 2015 Acreage Assessment Rates
Version date: ​2014 November Document: ​​Installation of Water and Sewer Connections
Version date: ​2014 September Document: Updates to Stormwater Management Report (SWMR) Submission and Approvals Processes
Version date: ​2014 September Document: ​​Water Resources/Water Services - Interim Stormwater Targets 2014
Version date: ​2014 September Document: Water Resources/Water Services - Low Impact Development Modules
Version date: ​2014 August Document: Geotechnical Report Limitations - Revised
Version date: ​2014 July Document: ​Updates to Stormwater Management Report Submission and Approvals Processes
Version date: ​2014 June Document: ​E- Construction Drawings – How are we doing?
Version date: ​2014 May Document: Water Resources/Water Services - Frequency analysis procedures
Version date: ​2014 May Document: Manhole channel sizing
Version date: ​2014 May Document: Water Resources - Submission process update: Development Approvals Management Systems (DAMS) Phase 2, Release 1
Version date: ​2014 April Document: Water Resources 2014 standard specifications: Waterworks construction and sewer construction
Version date: ​2014 April Document: Water Resources - Interim stormwater targets 2014
Version date: ​2014 March Document: 2014 acreage assessment rates
Version date: ​2014 March Document: Building grade plan approval​

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