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Improve application process for annual Festivals and Events

Cut Red Tape


Calgary hosts many festivals and events each year but organizers are required to submit repeated applications for annual events. The lengthy application and lack of communication makes it very challenging for event organizers to get through the process.

Status: Not Feasible


In order to keep pace with the market demand for Festivals and Events permits and support, a yearly application process is required to manage these changing needs and requirements.

To offset some of the technical limitations and costs in upgrading the existing database, the Festival and Event Application was reduced in size in 2013 to focus on key safety requirements and critical information to support successful staging of Festivals and Events. As a result, applicants save time to complete the applications without excluding important logistical information to manage successful and safe delivery of the festivals and events for citizens to participate.

A Festival and Event Guide has been created and posted on to further support the needs of Event Organizers through the provision of relevant information, timelines and supporting checklists so that they may educate themselves on City requirements.

Due to these changes, the original idea is deemed not feasible as events become increasingly diversified and complex. The improvements listed will help to improve communications and complete and approve applications in a timely manner.