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We are committed to building and maintaining a respectful, inclusive and equitable workplace that is representative of the community we serve. We value individuals who bring diverse experience, skills and opinions to our services

We seek individuals who are committed to public service, enjoy collaborating with others and who share our values, including The City’s commitment to anti-racism and reconciliation. Accommodations are available during the hiring process upon request.

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Administrative/Business Serv

Job title Closing date
Administrative Assistant - AMENDMENT 2023/02/13
Appeal Specialist - AMENDMENT 2023/02/07
Assistant Director, Law, Legal Services, Advocacy 2023/02/27
Calgary Police Service - Bicycle Custodian 2023/02/08
Calgary Police Service - Information Management Coordinator 2023/02/16
Community Parks Initiatives Strategist 2023/02/07
Corporate Consultant 2023/02/24
Corporate Facility Portfolio Planner 2023/02/23
Intermediate Administrative Assistant 2023/02/08
Leader, Community Revitalization 2023/02/15
Leader, Natural Areas 2023/02/07
Project Controls Analyst 2023/02/24
Project Lead - Buildings and Architecture 2023/02/09
Senior Data Management Strategist 2023/02/10
Strategic Workforce Coordinator 2023/02/15


Job title Closing date
Accounts Payable Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Assessment and Tax Research Student 2023/02/10
Asset Inventory Assistant Summer Student 2023/02/10
Asset Management Summer Student 2023/02/10
Asset Management Technician Student 2023/02/10
BI Student Developer 2023/02/10
Business Customer Mapping Analyst - Student 2023/02/10
Business Improvements Student 2023/02/10
CCG File Management Student 2023/02/10
Calgary Police Service - Videographer and Graphic Design Summer Student 2023/02/10
Calgary Police Service - Instructional Design Support Summer Student 2023/02/10
Calgary Police Service - Rewards and Recognition Summer Student 2023/02/10
Capital Investment Planning Research Student 2023/02/10
Capital Project & Engineering Support Summer Student 2023/02/10
City Building Urban Planning Student 2023/02/10
Data Analyst Summer Student 2023/02/10
Development Approvals Summer Student 2023/02/10
Development Engineering Summer Student 2023/02/10
Disaster Preparedness Student 2023/02/10
Divisional Training Student 2023/02/10
East Youth Connector - Student 2023/02/10
Ecological Effectiveness Monitoring Student 2023/02/10
Elections Calgary Summer Student - Research Assistant 2023/02/10
Engineering Summer Student 2023/02/10
Engineering Summer Student 2023/02/10
Environmental Compliance Student 2023/02/10
Environmental Programs Student 2023/02/10
Facility Planning Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Finance Student, Continuous Improvement 2023/02/10
Finance Summer Student 2023/02/10
GIS Data Analyst Summer Student 2023/02/10
GIS Technician Student 2023/02/10
Geomatics Engineering Student 2023/02/10
Geospatial Summer Student 2023/02/10
Grade Slip Summer Student 2023/02/10
Growth Funding & Investment Student 2023/02/10
Heritage Planning Student 2023/02/10
Horticulture Student 2023/02/10
Housing Portfolio Analyst - Summer Student 2023/02/10
IT Developer Cloud and Vendor Management Student 2023/02/10
IT Developer Summer Student 2023/02/10
IT Learning & Development Advisor Student 2023/02/10
IT Operations - Network Management Student 2023/02/10
IT Operations EUC Student 2023/02/10
IT Operations WSA Summer Student 2023/02/10
IT Student - Enterprise Architecture 2023/02/10
IT Summer Student, Safety and Business Continuity Support 2023/02/10
IT Support Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Industrial Compliance Program Summer Student 2023/02/10
Industrial Waste Summer Student 2023/02/10
Information Design Student 2023/02/10
Information Management Student 2023/02/10
Information Security Operations Summer Student 2023/02/10
Innovation Research Student 2023/02/10
Integrated Pest Management Field and Laboratory Student 2023/02/10
Issues Strategist Student 2023/02/10
Jr. Building Infrastructure Field Analyst 2023/02/10
Junior Bridge Technician Student 2023/02/10
Junior Data Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Lease Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Local Area Planning Student Researcher 2023/02/10
Major Partners Projects Student 2023/02/10
Marketing Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Measurement and Evaluation Data Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Mechanical Assistant Student 2023/02/10
Mechanical Engineering Student 2023/02/10
Mobility Asset Management Student 2023/02/10
Mobility Service Design Student 2023/02/10
Mobility Summer Student 2023/02/10
Municipal Grant Research Student 2023/02/10
Operational Services Customer Relations Student - AMENDMENT 2023/02/10
Operator Trainee - Water Services, Field Operations 2023/02/07
Outreach & Experience Administrator Student 2023/02/10
Parking Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Parks Inventory Technical Student 2023/02/10
Parks Planning Summer Student 2023/02/10
Pathway & Trails Inventory Technical Student 2023/02/10
Performance Improvement Analyst - Summer Student 2023/02/10
Performance and Planning Best Practice Research Student 2023/02/10
Planning Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Planning Summer Student - Growth Analytics 2023/02/10
Playfield and Vendor Coordinator Student 2023/02/10
Portfolio and Capital Planning Student 2023/02/10
Preventative Maintenance Student 2023/02/10
Procurement Special Projects Summer Student 2023/02/10
Procurement Transformation Projects Summer Student 2023/02/10
Program Support and Research Assistant 2023/02/10
Project Specialist Student 2023/02/10
Projects & Engineering Support Summer Student 2023/02/10
Public Safety Systems Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Public Safety Systems Engineering Student 2023/02/10
Rail Systems Technical Support Student 2023/02/10
Record Management Coordinator Student 2023/02/10
Records Technician Summer Student 2023/02/10
Records and Information Management Student 2023/02/10
Respect & Inclusion Student Assistant 2023/02/10
Rewards and Recognition Student 2023/02/10
River Engineering Student 2023/02/10
Safety Advisor Student 2023/02/10
Safety Systems Assurance Student 2023/02/10
Safety Systems Data Business Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Scheduling & Planning Student Researcher 2023/02/10
Secondary Suites Program Student 2023/02/10
Security Management Summer Student 2023/02/10
Security Systems Administrator Student 2023/02/10
Service Improvement Project Student 2023/02/10
Smart Cities Living Labs Student Analyst 2023/02/10
Smart City Technical Assistant Student 2023/02/10
Software Developer Summer Student 2023/02/10
Strategic Analyst Student 2023/02/10
Streetlight Asset Management Student 2023/02/10
Student Curriculum Coordinator 2023/02/10
Student Data & Compliance Analyst 2023/02/10
Student Downtown Research 2023/02/10
Student Economist 2023/02/10
Student Facility Equipment Data Collector 2023/02/10
Student GTFS Analyst 2023/02/10
Student Researcher, Indigenous Relations 2023/02/10
Student Resilience & Futures Researcher 2023/02/10
Student Risk Governance Researcher 2023/02/10
Student Systems Administrator 2023/02/10
System Analyst, Summer Student 2023/02/10
Technical Documentation Summer Student 2023/02/10
Technical Information Management Student 2023/02/10
Traffic Asset Management Summer Student 2023/02/10
Training Calendar Coordinator Student 2023/02/10
Urban Conservation Student Technician 2023/02/10
Urban Design Summer Student 2023/02/10
Urban Forestry Summer Student 2023/02/10
Waste Diversion Summer Student 2023/02/10
Water Wise Educator - Water Security Summer Student 2023/02/10
Watershed Analyst Summer Student 2023/02/10
Watershed Data Summer Student 2023/02/10
Wireless Communication System Student Analyst 2023/02/10


Job title Closing date
Research Coordinator 2023/02/14

Engineering Services

Job title Closing date
Engineer-In-Training 2023/02/22
Engineering Business Strategist 2023/02/16


Job title Closing date
Deputy Director 2023/02/10


Job title Closing date
Accounts Receivable Analyst 2023/02/15
Finance Coordinator 2023/02/14
Human Resources Leader, Corporate Payroll - AMENDMENT 2023/02/17
Process Accountant 2023/02/15

Human Resources

Job title Closing date
HCM Data Management Specialist 2023/02/09
HR Consultant, Wellness 2023/02/22

Information Technology

Job title Closing date
Calgary Police Service - Senior Programmer Analyst 2023/02/07
Senior Data Analytics Strategist 2023/02/15

Labour/Operations Support

Job title Closing date
Parks Seasonal Gardener 2023/02/24
Parks Seasonal Labourer 2023/02/10
Preventative Maintenance Person 2023/02/13
Seasonal Collection Driver 2023/02/13
Seasonal Landfill Labourer 2023/02/13
Water Services Utility Worker - Field Operations 2023/02/07


Job title Closing date
Finance Lawyer 2023/02/15
Procurement and Construction Contracts Lawyer 2023/02/15

Leisure Services

Job title Closing date
Complex Coordinator 2023/02/07
Recreation Labourer 2023/04/14
Recreation Leader - Children and Youth - On-Call 2023/03/20
Recreation Programmer, On-Call 2023/04/17
Swim Instructor 2023/04/24
Swim and Lifesaving Instructor Trainer 2023/05/02

Property/Asset Management

Job title Closing date
Sales Agent 2023/02/14

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Job title Closing date
Calgary Police Service - AFIS Supervisor 2023/02/15
Emergency Communications Officer 2023/04/25
Leader, Building Inspections 4 2023/02/16
Safety Codes Officer Building (Plans Examiner / Inspector) 2023/02/23

Public Transit

Job title Closing date
Team Lead - Operations Support 2023/02/16
Transit Operator 2023/02/16


Job title Closing date
Operator Trainee, Waste Water Treatment 2023/02/07
Operator Trainee, Water Treatment 2023/02/07
Project Coordinator 2023/02/16
Project Coordinator 2023/02/16
Safety Advisor 2023/02/09

Social Science/Services

Job title Closing date
Business Strategist - AMENDMENT 2023/02/07
Strategy Liaison 2023/02/09
Youth Employment Counsellor 2023/02/10


Job title Closing date
Calgary Police Service - Automotive Service Technician 2023/02/21
Heavy Equipment Technician Journeyman 2 ( Satellite) 2023/02/21
Journeyperson 1 Truck and Transport Mechanic 2023/02/09

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