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Book inspections

Cut Red Tape
71,441 inspections


Booking an inspection by calling 311 was a frustrating and lengthy process where the phone operator had to transfer callers to the Inspections Call Centre to book the inspection – resulting in the customer having to repeat the details of their inquiry multiple times.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Customer saves 2 minutes per call

To solve this issue and improve the customer experience, 311 operators can now search directly with customers providing just a permit number and address.


These changes mean customers can conveniently call 311, 24/7, and easily request an inspection or inquire about their permit.


These changes have resulted in a time reduction of 2 minutes per phone call leading to savings for both the customer and The City.




Unit 2012 ​2013 ​2014 ​Q1 2015 ​Total
Inspection requests/yr 71,441 ​71,352 ​74,394 ​17,421 ​234,608
Time reduction (hr) 2,358 ​2,355 ​2,455 ​575 ​7,743
Employee time savings ($/hr) $70,740 ​$70,650 ​$73,650 $​17,250 ​$232,290
Customer time savings ($/hr) $82,530 ​$82,425 ​$85,925 $20,125 ​$271,005