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Combine building permit and development permit

Cut Red Tape


When applying for permits, customers need to apply for both a development permit and building permit to create new homes. When a project involves multiple units such as a semi-detached home with two units, this means that multiple submissions need to be made as well as multiple drawings to be submitted. In order to avoid any confusion for which plans apply to which Development Permit, applicants must provide information on their drawings for all units. For this reason, multiple copies of the drawings are required for all Development applications in order for internal and external parties to evaluate the proposal concurrently. This leads to extensive time, paperwork, and trips to City Hall to approve the permits to begin work.

Status: Not feasible


An initiative has been started in Planning, Development & Assessment (PDA) to combine the development and building permits in 2015. This new process will be enabled online, and have the capability to request, pay, modify for new permit along with the ability to monitor progress and communicate using a single interface. This project will deliver a Combined Development and Building Permit for Single and Semi detached dwellings (SCP, RIP and DPs) including method of payment, training, supporting documentation, tool updates, customer communication.  This initiative will eliminate submission of multiple set of drawings. Completion date is to be determined but will extend past the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015.

PDA has proposed to expand the online submissions for the remaining permit types under the 2015 to 2018 action plan which will in turn reduce the need for paper copies of plans to be submitted.