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Combine massage therapy licenses for home-based businesses

Cut Red Tape


Many massage therapists offer mobile services to their clients rather than working out of one central office or location. Because of this, they are required to have two separate business licenses, one to be a Massage Practitioner and another to run a Massage Office.  The extra cost for an additional license is a deterrent for these individuals to pursue a mobile massage practice and requires the applicant to complete twice the paperwork and make renewals in person.

Status: Not feasible

Changes to be made

The two business licenses for massage practitioners will be combined into one license only. This will result in a single license fee being charged while maintaining the requirement to track both licenses. Recognized massage practitioners now receive a ‘paper’ business licence in the mail which expires yearly and will receive an invoice upon expiry which can be paid by mail or by phone.  Licensees will continue to have the required ‘Identification Card’ licence however this card will expiry every 5 years. This will help massage therapists with only completing one application, saving money by paying one fee, and won’t be required to make annual trips to City Hall to renew the license.

Updates to the system to complete the license changes are underway and will be completed in Q4 2015. As this change will not be completed by the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015, this idea is considered not feasible at this time, but ABS will continue to work on completing the project.