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Notice period for moving into Calgary Housing-owned units

Cut Red Tape


Standard rental agreements require tenants to give notice when leaving a residence. Providing this in advance can be difficult at times when a subsidized housing unit becomes available with short notice. To help clients in the moving process, the Calgary Housing Company (CHC) should give potential residents enough time to give notice to their current landlord. This would prevent undue hardship for paying late fees, rent, damage deposits and more for multiple locations.

Status: Completed

Changes made

Calgary Housing Company undertook a review of all of the procedures around the leasing of units to provide transparency and consistency in all dealings with clients and implemented a new customer service model. Now when a client is offered a housing unit and advises CHC staff that he/she is required to  give their current landlord notice, CHC now offers the client options to pay a nominal fee or receive a prorated rent depending on the date of possession.

Procedures have been put in place that requires the Leasing Agents to explain the process in more detail throughout the leasing process and to strive to come to a more satisfactory resolution which is beneficial to the client.


As a result, Calgary Housing Company clients are now able to make the transition to their subsidized housing unit without incurring any extra costs when moving. Since the changes have been implemented, CHC has received zero client complaints about the negotiated move-in dates, damage deposit requirements or inconsistent messaging from staff.