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Where we've cut red tape (full listing)

Cut Red TapeBelow are the list of projects that the Cut Red Tape program have worked on at The City of Calgary. Many of these ideas are completed and have helped to improve City interactions for citizens, customers, and staff.

There are also some ideas that are considered not feasible at this time due to a variety of reasons including budget constraints, health and safety, improvements and efficiencies already made, or timelines that extend past the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015. Those ideas that are not feasible due to time will continue to be worked on and may be implemented in the future.

Choose from the below listing (C - Completed, N – Not Feasible) for more detailed information about each idea (issue, status and outcomes).

​# ​Issue ​Status Savings​
C1 Engineered drawings should consist of a preliminary and final submission. ​Completed ​$
C2 Drawing reviews should be complete in parallel. ​Completed ​$
C3 Create a web-based portal that tracks drawing process through the Urban Development group. ​Completed ​$
C4 Improve communications for calculations and payments for the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) program. ​Completed
C5 Improve website information for animal licensing. ​Completed
C6 Reduce printed communications for animal licensing. ​Completed ​$
C7 Reduce the information needed when reporting grafitti. ​Completed ​$
C8 Easier and clearer policies to promote and encourage the use of public space. ​Completed
C9 Customize the event permit application according to the event features or level of complexity. ​Completed
C10 Clearly communicate Recreation program costs and program schedules. ​Completed
​C11 Improve online booking system for outdoor fields and tracks. ​Completed
​C12 More effective booking for sports/athletic facilities to avoid user conflicts and double-booking. ​Completed
​C13 ​Notice period for moving into Calgary Housing-owned units. ​Completed
​C14 Enhancing escalation of hazard reporting on pathways. ​Completed
​C15 Applying for permits for all units of a high-rise or multi-family building is time-consuming. ​Completed ​$
​C16 Clarify and educate the purpose of the Asbestos Form. ​Completed
​C17 Discrepancies in the interpretation of the Building Permit Fee Schedule. ​Completed ​$
​C18 Standardization and training for City inspectors. ​Completed
​C19 Varying interpretations of the Land Use Bylaw. ​Completed
​C20 Wait times and lineups at recreation centres too long, unable to register at facility. Completed
​C21 Not enough online services that allow citizens to submit issues through 311. Completed ​$
​C22 Not enough information about permits and licences, broken links in BizPal​. Completed
​C23 New tenant change of use permit process. ​Completed ​$
​C24 Not enough detail in building permit submission checklist, Complete Application Requirement List changes without notification. Completed
​C25 ​Inconsistency of processes and requirements for building permits. ​Completed
C26 There is no express line for frequent, repeat customers. Completed
​C27 No online registration option for tradesperson. Not able to apply or pay for permits online. ​Completed ​$
​C28 ​Partial permits are not issued at same time as application, shouldn't have to wait in two different lines. ​Completed ​$
​C29 ​Differing interpretations when processing large groups of applications, assign dedicated staff to review similar plans for large developments. ​Completed
C30 ​No ability to review Alberta Building Code or photocopy documents when applying for building permit. Completed
C31 Not able to submit building permit applications online or by appointment. ​Completed ​$
​C32 No ability to book inspections through 311.​ Completed ​$
​C33 ​City inspectors are unable to access archived documentation. Completed
​C34 ​Inspectors and bylaw officers unable to verify licences digitally. ​Completed
​C35 ​Business licence reporting for coin buyers should be eliminated. ​Completed
​C36 Unaware of when amendments are made to Planning Bylaw​. Completed
​C37 When a new home is built, the building permit should cover all gas, including fireplaces. Completed
​C38 Unable to get all problems with permits outlined at once, often piece meal. Completed
​C39 Simplify mural permits. ​Completed
​C40 Simplify requirements needed to set up a trade show license.​ ​Completed ​$
​C41 Reduce paperwork through online building permit application. ​Completed ​$
​C42 Ensure all review authorities are updated on approved drawings.​ ​Completed
​C43 Tree planting applications in unknown right of ways.​ ​Completed
​C44 Standardize police security clearance for City volunteer activities.​ ​Completed
​C45 Reduce wait time for review of Water drawings. ​Completed
​N1 Review Recreation policies around registration, fees, withdrawals, and transfers. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N2 ​Make Recreation program registration PIN account number available immediately electronically. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N3 Improve application process for annual Festivals and Events. ​Not feasible
​N4 Establish a multi-location, city-wide Recreation pass. ​Not feasible
​N5 Improve drafting practices to be consistent with industry standards. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N6 ​Relaxation of Home Based Business Class Rules. ​Not feasible
​N7 Combine building permit and development permit. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N8 Availability of City inspectors seven days a week. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N9 Improved coordination of inspection services between different departments. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
N10 Relax Class 1 Home Occupation license to allow storage in garage. ​Not feasbile
N11 Not all permit types will show a status online. ​Not feasible
N12 ​Single project POSSE system. ​Not feasible
N13 Separate the Development Site Servicing Plan from the Development Permit. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
N14 Relaxation of Development Completion permit. ​Not feasible
N15 Change restrictions on residential parking zones. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N16 Commercial vehicle access to residential parking permits. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N17 Reduce cost to cut and reconnect water service for redevelopments. ​Not feasible
​N18 Review the Assessment Appeal process. ​Not feasible
​N19 Optional amenity agreements should require less money so more funds can be spent on features/art. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N20 Simplify business licensing process. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N21 Reliable and accurate postal code database information for Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) applications. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png
​N22 Combine massage therapy licenses when running a home-based business. ​Not feasible clock 2a.png


$ = ideas with calculated cost savings
clock 2a.png= ideas deemed not feasible due to Cut Red Tape timeline but will be implemented in future