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Calgary’s future planning efforts

The City created Council approved guidebooks that standardize and simplify planning processes, land use frameworks and common policies to guide growth and change for developed areas. The three guidebooks are important components of the MDP and they are: New Community Planning Guidebook, Developed Areas Guidebook and the Centre City Guidebook.

Planning for the Future helps understand why the guidebooks plays an important role in the overall planning for our city.

New Community Pl​anning Guidebook

The New Community Planning Guidebook (page 143 of the Municipal Development Plan​) contains policy used with new community area structure plans. It provides the basic building blocks for new development. The new community area structure plans describe how those building blocks are arranged.

Developed Areas​ Guidebook

The Developed Areas Guidebook guides local area planning and City decisions on where and how to build new jobs and housing to improve our neighbourhoods, while retaining the quality of life we enjoy. It outlines a consistent framework for future development and redevelopment.

The guidebook will only apply to areas where a local area plan, such as an area redevelopment plan, indicates it applies. If the local area plan was created prior to the guidebook or your community does not have a local area plan, the guidebook will not apply until a new local area plan is created, or an existing one is substantially amended.

Our FAQ helps explain the context of the Developed Area Guidebook and how it applies.

Centre City G​uidebook

The Centre City Guidebook is the foundation for local area plans in the Centre City, outlining building blocks and policies that support the unique aspects of a neighbourhood. This framework facilitates and guides change in the Centre City that reflects good planning practice, MDP core objectives and community interests and values.

The guidebook:

  • Provides a common framework for how the Centre City is planned and developed today and into the future.
  • Provides general policy to shape a more compact urban form that is well connected and supported by amenities and services to meet daily needs.