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Ward 8 - Evan Woolley

About Councillor Evan Woolley

Ward 8 Evan Woolley


Evan Woolley is a husband, father, and born-and-raised Calgarian. He is the Councillor for Ward 8 and serves on several boards, committees, and commissions.

Evan was a passionate and determined advocate for Calgary and its neighbourhoods well before he was first elected to City Council in 2013. The son of small business owners, Evan learned the mutually reinforcing values of enterprise and community. Whether pitching in with the Elbow River cleanup every spring as a child, or his five years on the ground with the Sled Island Music Festival, Evan came to understand that giving back is not just immensely rewarding – it is crucial for making a streetscape into a neighbourhood, and a city into a home.
As Councillor for Ward 8, Evan has earned a reputation for his rigorous work ethic, long-term vision, and up-front engagement with constituents. In his first term, Evan took the unprecedented step of developing and sticking to a strategic work plan. He made the plan available so that Calgarians could hold him to account. It laid out clear objectives and timelines for initiatives such as installing new cycle tracks, approving Uber, moving McHugh House, revamping the downtown underpasses, establishing OCIF (the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund), and much more. Refreshing for a politician, Evan is frank and honest about the boxes that didn’t get a check mark, but he is incredibly proud of what he accomplished as a result.
In 2017 Evan was re-elected with the third-highest margin on City Council, in no small part because he rolls up his sleeves to get the work done. Right away, Evan built a new work plan to reflect Calgary’s growing opportunities and shifting challenges. This vision that guides his second term hinges on reinvesting in and connecting our neighbourhoods; supporting thoughtful development; strengthening our economy; and making civic governance more responsible. From the Main Streets initiative to the Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP), or from the BRT and Green Line to cultivating Calgary’s autonomous systems sector, Evan is focused, diligent and transparent. He is committed to finding smart, forward-thinking solutions to complex issues, and he is convinced more every day that Calgary works best when all Calgarians have their voices heard.
Evan serves all Calgarians through these boards and committees:


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